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Christmas Decorating That’s Simple: Simplifying the Decorating Process Leaves More Time for Family Fun

Published by Cleveland Brandolino

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Most people have plenty of Christmas decorations and can’t wait to display them. However, decorations sometimes seem to multiply. What used to be one box of treasured possessions suddenly turns into 20 overflowing bins of Christmas merriment. At this point, decorating becomes hard work and stressful. There are alternatives to this dilemma.

Use Fewer Holiday Decorations

One solution is to use fewer decorations. Homeowners who aren’t sure what to limit might consider these guidelines.

  • Display only the most cherished items.
  • Stick to a color scheme. Maybe it’s the year to emphasize dark reds.
  • Keep space in mind. It’s easy to clutter heavily used family areas.
  • Evaluate each decoration. Does the decoration still fit your tastes?

Create Decorating Zones for Each Room

Bryn Shoffstall, a professional organizer, recommends that decorators consider next year’s organization when they start this year’s decorating. She suggests creating zones for each area that will be decorated. The living room, entry, Christmas tree area, dining room and bathrooms are all designated as separate zones. Make a list of these zones.

When setting out decorations, take notes on which ones will go in the different zones. Start with a zone, decorate it, and move on. Add notes, labels, and even pictures of the finished zones to storage boxes to make duplicating this year’s look easier next year.

Limit Decorations in Rooms

Most guests don’t expect every room in the house to be filled with Christmas decorations. Homeowners might consider decorating only the rooms actually used in family celebrations. High traffic areas like porches, entries, living areas, the dining room, and bathrooms could be emphasized.


If a homeowner decides to decorate each room, less décor might be used. Select pieces that visitors will enjoy. Instead of filling a room with the normal decorations, consider using fewer items and grouping the decorations in noticeable spots around the room.

Themes and Objectivity Can Guide Decorating

Using themes can also help homeowners limit decorations. Each room might emphasis a different theme. This year’s décor could focus on nativities. Next year’s décor might emphasize Santa or natural items.

Sometimes a homeowner just needs to take an objective look at his or her home. Which area would a stranger notice first? A wreath or lights on a porch offer a warm welcome to all. Entries bathed in holiday lights and garlands are definitely mood lighteners.

Holiday decorating can become a burden if homeowners have an over-abundant supply of decorations. Choosing to use fewer decorations and creating decorating zones are good ways to get decorating chaos under control. Homeowners should also consider decorating fewer rooms, using themes, and emphasizing only certain areas as ways to limit time spent decorating. Less time decorating means more time for family and friends and all those other wonderful, holiday traditions.

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