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Christmas Gift Ideas: Last minute ideas for everyone on your shopping list

Published by Kurt Quijano

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Gift of Health

Help keep the people you love healthy and happy this holiday season.

Extravagance: Spoil your special someone with a day at the spa. Most spas offer gift cards, so create a unique spa experience and choose the services yourself, or let them choose their own. Either way, this gift will be appreciated by everyone, and as an added bonus, it could also be great gift for couples to enjoy together. For the fitness enthusiast, how about a series of personal training sessions? This is something they may not purchase on their own, but will appreciate getting from someone else.

Budget-friendly: Make up a personal health-themed gift basket. The basket can include skin care items, vitamin supplements, books on health and nutrition, healthy recipe books, introductory gift cards to local health clubs…just use your imagination!

Gift of Scent

Keep the holidays smelling great with these fragrant gifts.

Extravagance: Every beautiful home needs a Lampeberger. A Lampeberger is a unique fragrance diffuser that both smells and looks great. Both a conversation piece and an air purifier, the Lampeberger comes in many gorgeous styles and scents.

Budget-friendly: Reed diffusers are also lovely and provide a nice, subtle fragrance to the room. They also come in a variety of scents, and are available at many retail outlets.

Gift of Sparkle

Everyone loves a bit of bling, and jewelry is always a welcome gift for men and women alike.

Extravagance: Say Merry Christmas with carats, as you can never go wrong with diamonds. A diamond-studded tennis bracelet makes a stunning and classic gift for the special lady on your list, especially if it comes in a Tiffany’s little blue box. Or help keep your man on time with a new watch. The Promaster SST from Citizen is a great choice, featuring both a bold design and a wide range of features, including solar power, world time for 43 cities, an alarm, 99 minute countdown timer, red LED backlight, and non-reflective crystal.

Budget-friendly: Sterling silver is both beautiful and pocketbook-friendly. A gorgeous sterling silver pendant or earrings would be great for any woman on your list. For men, a tie pin or cufflinks would make attractive and unique gift choices.

Gift of Gadgets

These days, no one can get enough toys, and there are plenty on the market to choose from.

Extravagance: Go completely over-the-top with one of the world’s most expensive cell phones, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. With a hefty price-tag of $1.3 million, the phone comes complete with a platinum shell, 50 diamonds, including 10 rare blue diamonds, and a navigation key made entirely out of 15 carat rose gold. A little more realistic but still impressive cell phone choice is the ubiquitous Blackberry, so keep your cell-savvy friends happy with their latest model, the Blackberry Storm.

For the video-gamer in your life, surprise them with one of these three popular systems: Sony Playstation3, Microsoft X-Box 360, or the family-friendly Nintendo Wii. Less expensive but just as popular, portable gaming systems–such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP–make great gifts as well.

Budget-friendly: If you can’t afford the Blackberry, how about a Blackberry case? The cases come in a variety of colours and styles and are readily available at most electronic boutiques. Same thing goes for the gamers: if not the system itself, why not a video game? If you know what platform they are using, there are a multitude of video games to choose from.

Gift of Entertainment

Everyone loves to be entertained, so grant their wish and keep them amused this holiday season.

Extravagance: Bigger usually is better, especially when it comes to TV’s. Fill up that empty space on their wall with a wide-screen TV. Many deals can be found this time of year, especially on last year’s models.

Budget-friendly: DVDs are always a good choice, so stuff your gift person’s stocking with their favourite movie or TV series. If you can’t decide, get them movie gift cards. For music lovers, CD’s are always a safe bet.

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