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Christmas Gifts for the Guys; $20 or Less

Published by Cornelia Brasure

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When you think about traditional Christmas gifts for guys you might think of sweaters, ties, gloves and other boring items that you pick up because you have to have a present for the guy on your list but you don’t know what else to buy. This year make it personal, have fun and save money at the same time. First determine what kind of guy he is; a germaphobe, a rapper wannabe, a political junkie, is he funny, is he always late? Once you determine what kind of guy he is the rest is easy. I practically did the shopping for you already. Check out these stellar gift ideas and websites.

Gifts for a Germaphobe

For $19.95 you can buy the ultimate clean gift for the germaphobe guy on your list; a Pocket Purifier that kills germs in 15 seconds with a compact UV light. It requires four double “A” batteries which are also included. You can buy this and other major cool items at X-tremegeek. They also have a book titled The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You. For $14 you get 191 pages including a special bonus two-page section on infectious insects!


Presents for a Rapper Wannabe

A Gangsta Rap coloring book complete with 48 ready to be colored pictures of the biggest names in hip-hop can be purchased for only $9.00 at Coolmaterial. Throw in the crayons and let the party begin. They also sell the iBottleopener, it’s an iPhone hard case with a built in bottle opener for $20. What a hoot!

Gifts a Political Junkie Will Love

Five bucks will get you some hilarious bumper stickers at Cafepress. For the Obama fan on your list, a picture of the president saying; “Chill. I’m working on it.” Or “Tea parties are for girls with imaginary friends.” Check out the license plate frames too, they are only $15. I guarantee you’ll get more than one laugh from looking at items on this site. Also see the “I think. Therefore I watch Fox News” coffee mugs for $15.

Presents to Thrill a Comedian

A giant nose, 9” high that attaches inside your shower with suction cups. When you press on the right nostril, green shower gel oozes out. This will only cost you $12.95 at catalogfavorites. Or for $17.95 check out the Charlie Brown T-shirt, it looks just like the shirt worn by the famous little cartoon boy of times gone by.

Gift Ideas for the Time Challenged

Vat19 claims to be purveyors of curiously awesome products and I found that claim to be true. For $14.95 you can buy an alarm clock that sounds like a plane taking off but that’s not the best part; this alarm clock takes flight and flies around the room while the alarm continues to go off. The alarm does not stop until you catch the unit and place it in the docking station. This is perfect for the guy who is late for everything. Make sure you also check out the Gummy Bear on a stick; they are $9.95 and are 90 times larger than a regular Gummy Bear. You can pick the flavor. Too cool!

Have fun this holiday season by shopping in your jammies at your computer, it’s the only way to shop!

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