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Christmas Ornament Cake

Published by Shawnna Haeuser

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Adding color and flair to your holiday table can be accomplished by foods of green and red. Red potatoes instead of the ordinary brown skinned ones, asparagus, green beans or various green vegetables. Red wine served with dinner is an attractive way to bring out seasonal hues. Serving the turkey or ham on a platter lined with romaine leaves with splashes of tomato, red onion, or baked apples will also add splashes of color.

For dessert, a Christmas ornament cake is a sure way to bring smiles to your family and guests, plus add the tones of the season. Green, red and white frosting splashes more color onto your table.

Ornament cakes are easy and fun to make. Simply bake and decorate. This recipe calls for M&M’s candies, however, you can add various candies to decorate your ornament cake. If you prefer fruit flavored candies instead of the chocolate, there are Skittles or other brand name candies available. Red hot candies are also on shelves. These are smaller, but can do the trick as well.


Making A Christmas Ornament Cake

To make the ornament cake, you will need:

1 box pound cake mix

1 Pyrex glass bowl, 2 1/2 quart size

1 large bag of M&M’s, plain

2 cans white frosting, seperated into 3 bowls

Red and green food coloring, paste coloring is preferred, to reduce running of color


Decorator bags

Mix pound cake according to directions on box.

Grease the pyrex glass bowl with either grease or cooking spray. Pour in pound cake batter. Allow cake to bake in a 375 degree pre-heated oven, 50-55 minutes. When the cake is done or center springs back when touched, remove, place on cooling rack.

Once cake has cooled for fifteen minutes, invert cake onto platter intended for serving. Allow cake to cool completely.

While cake is cooling, divide frosting up into three seperate bowls. Color one green, one red, and allow third to remain white.

When the cake is cooled, frost the top of the ornament red, the bottom green and the center white. Add candies or decorations to resemble an ornament, such as running a line of candies along the bottom of the green frosting, or red candies along the bottom of the red frosting.

Ornament Cake Serving Suggestions

Pine, spruce, or fir trimmings are great for your table centerpiece. Line the clippings around candles to make a beautiful background to serve your holiday food and desserts. Splashing confetti of green and red colors will add a little flair to the Christmas table as well.

A nice tablecloth of red, green, white or gold gives the background coloring to show off that beautiful Christmas food.

Happy Holidays and happy decorating!

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