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Christmas Ornament Storage With Decorative Holiday Nesting Boxes

Published by Delisa Noack

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No more boxes or plastic totes to drag out. Decorative nesting boxes are perfect for Christmas ornament storage and look nice enough to leave on display.

Gone are the days of dragging out bulky cardboard boxes and storage totes. Decorative nesting boxes can be easily adapted for Christmas ornament storage by adding some easy-to-make dividers.

If you have collectible ornaments, be sure to save the original boxes and store then elsewhere. Collectibles are more valuable when paired with their original box and documentation.


  • Nesting boxes
  • ¼” foam board
  • Craft foam
  • X-acto knife or razor blade cutter
  • Hot glue

The Boxes

Decorative nesting boxes come in so many beautiful styles it may be difficult to choose. They are square, round, even oblong with removable lids or attached lids that fold over the front. They take up very little real estate and add to a festive atmosphere when left by the tree, on a table, or in a foyer.


Any design can be used but holiday boxes go on sale after Christmas for savings between 50-75%. You may also want to use lidded nesting baskets.

The Dividers

Walled dividers are made from ¼” foam board. It comes in several colors, is easy to cut with an X-acto knife or razor blade cutter, and glues well. The foam board dividers are assembled like a grid. The cubicles should be 2 3/4” square for storing standard-sized glass Christmas ball ornaments.

Measure the width of each box and divide by the cubicle width. That will determine how many rows to make in the divider. It is difficult for measurements to come out exactly, so the outside cubicles may be larger than those inside. Cut strips 3” high by slightly less than the width of the box (to allow room for the divider to be inserted or removed) for row pieces.

Cut spacers for between the rows 3” high by 2 3/4” wide. Mark the row piece every 3” to aid in placing spacers. Apply hot glue to one edge of the foam board spacer and press it to the row piece where marked. Hold until the glue solidifies.

Continue until one divider layer is complete. You may have to make two or three layers depending upon the depth of the nesting box.

Place a layer of craft foam (or quilt batting) measured to the outer dimensions of the divider between each layer to cushion ornaments.

Optional Serged Fabric Dividers

Another option is to make fabric dividers for delicate ornaments such as Precious Moments or Boyd’s Bears. It’s quick and easy with a serger and a great way to use up scrap fabric and batting.

The cubicle sizes will depend upon whether the ornament is lying down or sitting upright. When determining measurements, add at least ¼” for a seam allowance.

For long sides, fold fabric in half length-wise, wrong sides together, and place a piece of felt or low-loft quilt batting on the inside for a cushion. The same is done for each end and the bottom, although the bottom piece does not need a fold as it will be serged on all sides. Serge all seams and glue in pieces of craft foam as spacers if necessary.

These holiday nesting boxes will reduce the mess and space typically required for storing decorations and ornaments. As a bonus, if you aren’t done decorating, they look a lot better around the house than a bunch of cardboard boxes or plastic totes.

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