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Christmas Ornaments from Nature: Decorations Kids Can Make From Sticks, Stones, Pinecones and More

Published by Tamiko Domer

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Families who are looking for a way to get back to the basics when celebrating the holiday season, might want to consider having a green Christmas this year. Whether it is looking at low budget options for Christmas decorations or seeking more traditional ways of celebrating the season, it is often true that less is more and kids can be taught this philosophy at any age. Start this year by letting the kids make natural Christmas decorations from materials found in their own backyard.


Milkweed or Walnut Shell Picture Ornament

Using gold or silver paint, cover the inside and outside of either half a milkweed pod or half a walnut shell. Glue a cotton ball inside of the pod or shell when the paint is dry. Cut a picture of the child into a circle the size of the cotton ball. Glue the picture onto the cotton and attach a ribbon to the back of the ornament for hanging.

Stick Santa, Reindeer or Snowman Ornament

Find a stick about one inch in diameter while on a walk in the woods. If the stick is fairly long, break it into four inch lengths. It does not matter if the broken edges are smooth or if there is bark on the stick as these features will add character to the ornament. Paint the stick all white with an inch of black paint at one end if making a snowman or leave natural if the ornament is going to be a reindeer. For a Santa figure paint the whole stick red except for a one inch section close to the top of the stick. Paint this section a skin colour for Santa’s face. Use small stones, nuts, dried plant material, small twigs, evergreens and berries to decorate the figures. Hang the ornament when dry by screwing an eye hook into the top of the ornament and hang with fishing line or raffia.

Mini Wreath Ornament

To make a mini wreath to hang on the tree, gather small boughs of cedar or pine. Wrap the boughs around a soup can, taping the ends to the can temporarily using masking tape. After going around the soup can four times, use florist wire to gather the twigs together every two inches. Unfasten the tape pieces and gently slide the mini wreath off the soup can. Decorate the wreath and cover up the wire by gluing berries, nuts and recycled ribbon onto the twigs. Use a piece of florist wire to create a hook that attaches to the wreath for hanging.

Stone Snowman Ornament

Choose three small stones to paint white and glue together to make a snowman’s body. Hot glue will be needed to attach the three stones together to make the ornament stronger. A small fourth stone can be painted black and glued on top to make a hat. Decorate the snowman using small twigs, berries and nuts, and hot glue a ribbon on the back for hanging the ornament.

Pinecone or Acorn Ornament

To make rustic and natural ornaments, simply paint clear drying glue onto a pinecone or acorn and then roll the glue sections in glitter. Let the ornament try completely and hot glue a piece of raffia on top for hanging.

Christmas ornaments made from natural materials give a rustic warmth to the decor of a room and are also fun to make. If the ornaments are going to be saved for next year, wrap them gently with tissue paper and store them in a cool, dry place.

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