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Christmas Present Ideas for Book Lovers

Published by Salina Menchu

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Book lovers are generally pretty easy to buy gifts for. Here are suggestions that go beyond gift certificates to a local bookstore. The first thing when giving books is is to know the book genre preferred by the reader. Readers of hard edged thrillers probably won’t appreciate a book of poetry any more than a poet would appreciate a motorcycle manual. It can happen, but it’s not likely; knowing the reader’s preferences is important.

Giving Books to Book Lovers

Finding books to please is a fairly simple thing to do. Best seller lists, both fiction and non-fiction, are a good starting point. Don’t depend exclusively on them because there are a lot of good books that never make it to best seller lists. Search sites of book clubs that specialize in a particular type of book, such as mysteries, classics, poetry, British fiction, or Italian cookbooks, to name just a few.

Beautiful art and photography books make impressive and treasured gifts. Some regional cookbooks are as beautiful and inspirational for the pictures as they are for the recipes.


Newly released books are great, but don’t forget older books that help fill in a reader’s library. Special editions of books are a luxury readers may appreciate. Readers more concerned with what is on the pages rather than the pages themselves, will love used books equally as well as new books. Book giving doesn’t have to be expensive.

Giving a Gift of Reading Time

Reading time is a great, maybe even greater, gift than books. Read children’s books to the recipient; older kids can read books to you. Taking the time to share is an important part of the reading experience for kids. The busy parents of the kids would appreciate a good book that comes with a bookmark inside that is a coupon for reading time. Offer an hour’s worth of babysitting, help with homework, or take the kids on an outing. It’s a thoughtful gift that costs little and is fun for all.

Older readers may have plenty of time to read, but may appreciate discussing books with others. Don’t just give books, take the time to discuss the books you give. It’s a way to get to know even more about older readers who have a lot of experience to share.

Gifts Inside Books

Slip coupons, or even money between the pages of books you give. Finding a promise of a back rub, $5, or coupon for chocolate between the pages of books is an inexpensive way to make your gift that much more special. It’s also could be a good way to motivate young readers to discuss the book when they come to redeem a coupon, and you’ll know they read the book.

Other gifts for book lovers can include a trip to a first class used book store. They are few and far between and may require a long weekend of fun. An inexpensive but time consuming gift of cataloging a book lovers collection would be a true gift of time and thoughtfulness. Christmas present ideas for book lovers an be as much fun for the giver as for the recipient.

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