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Christmas Present Ideas for Quilters

Published by Larraine Lab

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A selection of quilting fabrics is one of the first things that come to mind when buying a Christmas present for a quilter. There are many accessories as well; give your favorite quilter a gift that shows your thoughtful care. Add selection of really good chocolate to increase the enjoyment. Quilting and chocolate are doubly comforting in the cold of winter. It’s not necessary to know about quilting to have fun putting together a gift.

Select Quilting Fabric With a Theme

The recipient may have a whole room of fabrics but will still welcome more. Most quilters use fat quarters, 18″ x 22″ pieces of fabric that can be bought pre-cut in fabric and quilting stores. Decide on a theme for a fabric gift before buying. Some suggestions for theme collections of fat quarters:

  • several prints in one color, such as green, the more the merrier, include lights, mediums and darks
  • prints of cats for cat lovers or sunflowers, find what the quilter likes
  • rainbow colors, a little bit of all colors

Most quilt shops will already have custom made collections of fabrics, but it’s also fun, and often less expensive to pick your own.


Quilting Thread

Thread is an important part of quilting. Good quality quilting thread can be very expensive and limited in color choices. Connecting Threads offers am amazingly inexpensive, high quality thread in sets that would thrill any serious quilter. A set of their Essential thread is a super gift on its own, or add a pair of Gingher 4″ double curved scissors for safely clipping threads on a quilt. Allstitch has reasonable prices on Gingher scissors, and offer a less expensive version of their own.

Quilting Books

Selecting a quilting book can be daunting for a non-quilter. One book that every quilter would welcome is The Quilting Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert. This book pulls together a lot of very useful information into one volume. N.J. Kavaky, a reviewer on Amazon and a quilt shop owner for twenty years states “To date this book is the best resource book out there for all level quilters and shop owners. It should be in everyone’s sewing room and classroom regardless of experience.”

The book is available as a paperback or as a Kindle edition.

Rotary Cutters and Mat

An experienced quilter probably already has a rotary cutter and mat. Some suggestions to include in a gift for quilters would be a rotary blade sharpener to increase the life of rotary blades, new blades, or a blades that make decorative cuts, and a small mat for carrying to workshops and quilting guilds.

Selecting gifts for quilters is very much like finding gifts for anyone with a hobby. By making an effort to know the person’s interests and a few details about what they already have and like, the gift you select will be as welcome for the thought behind it as for what it is. Don’t forget the chocolate!

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