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Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers: Unique and Fun Gifts to Stuff the Stocking for a Favorite Teen

Published by Pei Alfero

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Instead of stuffing teenagers’ stockings with what they expect, add an element of surprise with unique items. Most teens enjoy many of the things adults like, but they’re still at a point in life when fun trumps practical. Don’t forget a few traditional items, but mix things up and let them see how fun and cool Mom and Dad can be.

Music Stocking Stuffers

Most teenagers have found a way to own an MP3 player. However, if they don’t already have one, they are the perfect size to fit in almost any Christmas stocking. Add gift cards and certificates for downloads to iTunes or other favorite music site. The teenager will love getting a pair of concert tickets. Those who enjoy making their own music will be delighted with an unexpected gift of a harmonica or other small instrument.

Fun and Games Stocking Stuffers

Just because the teenager is as big as the adults in the family doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to play and have fun. Drop a few miniature puzzles, small board games and electronic games into his stocking. For a quirky good time, a Silly Putty egg or a Slinky will bring back memories. Teenagers who like arcades will love getting a handful of tokens to their favorite game spot.

Stocking Stuffers to Wear

A special pair of winter socks with a Christmas motif or favorite design will keep their feet warm. Other items the teen can wear include slippers, gloves, hats, T-shirts and belts.

Stocking Stuffers for the Sporty Teenager

Items that complement their favorite sport will be appreciated. Softballs, a sleeve of golf balls and sports trading cards are all good stocking stuffers. A T-shirt featuring their favorite athletes can be rolled up and stuffed into most stockings.


Edible Stocking Stuffers

Cookies, candy, mints and gum are all excellent stocking stuffers for teens. Add packs of their favorite fruits, puddings and single-serving snacks for eating on the run.

Stocking Stuffers for the Teenage Girl

Most teenage girls have favorite jewelry pieces. Include boxed sets, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Fossil watches are popular among teenage girls. A favorite designer wallet filled with gift cards will be appreciated. Makeup, with her favorite color lipstick, sparkling eye shadow and body sprays will be a hit. For younger teen girls, keep the colors natural.

Stocking Stuffers for the Teenage Boy

Some boys like jewelry, too. Other stocking stuffer gift items for boys include shaving kits, flat wallets with cash or gift cards and an organizer to hold their pocket items at night. Most teenage boys also like Fossil watches.

Practical Stocking Stuffers

Most teens have a practical side, so don’t forget to include some pens, pencils, note pads and other items they use frequently. Add a stack of thank-you cards so they can send notes to everyone who gave them something for Christmas.

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