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Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers: Unique, Interesting and Fun Items for Children’s Stockings

Published by Eveline Hendricksen

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Toddlers are still at the age where they don’t know have expectations during the Christmas celebration. Add to the surprise and joy by filling their stockings with items they don’t expect. Small children still see Christmas as a magical time, so they’ll be delighted by almost anything they find in their stockings. Keep their ages in mind and make sure nothing poses a choking hazard if they still put things in their mouths.

Edible Treats

Most toddlers enjoy home baked cookies and candy treats. They might even eat fruit if they find it in their stockings. If there’s enough room, include a box of animal crackers and Cracker Jacks for those who can eat popcorn.

Craft Stocking Stuffers

Most toddlers enjoy doing basic crafts. A coloring book with fat crayons for their tiny hands will be appreciated. If they are able to handle cutting things, blunt nosed scissors and construction paper will provide hours of fun. Don’t forget to add a glue stick and some stickers.

Toy Stocking Stuffers

For the cuddly toddler, a soft, plush, stuffed animal is a must. Consider something unusual, like a kaleidoscope or viewfinder for some quiet moments of discovery. Miniature games suitable for their age, dolls and action figures can keep him busy for hours. Don’t forget to add a few bath toys and bubble bath to make bath time more enjoyable.

Stocking Stuffers to Wear

Toddlers will enjoy colorful mittens and socks with fun designs. If they have a favorite character, such as Dora the Explorer, Cars, Diego, Hello Kitty, NASCAR, SpongeBob, Spiderman or Nemo, they might enjoy some big girl or big boy underpants. For those who aren’t already potty trained, this might be the incentive they need. They’ll also enjoy new pajamas with the imprints of their favorite characters. Animal bedroom slippers make getting ready for bed more fun.


Stocking Stuffers for Meal Time

Make meal time fun with cups, plates and utensils featuring their favorite characters. Disney or Elmo cups will make drinking their milk and juice so much more fun. Tiny forks and spoons with the Little Mermaid or Winnie the Poo on the handle are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

Unique Stocking Stuffers

Other stocking stuffer ideas include their own key ring, pretend cell phones, small toothbrush and children’s toothpaste, pretend shaving kit for boys and child’s makeup set for girls. A piggy bank to save change provides a fun way for small children to learn about money. For children who like to imitate their older siblings and parents, costume jewelry is a fun stocking stuffer. A toddler watch with hands they can move will help them learn numbers and provide opportunities to teach them how to tell time.

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