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Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Published by Yun Shapin

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In this economy, parents may feel squeezed by tight budgets. Having less money to spend on holiday gifts can be disheartening, but it doesn’t have to ruin a Christmas celebration. Christmas stockings offer parents a unique opportunity to purchase gifts that children love and need, without excessive worry over their expense.

Stockings are the Perfect Place to Stuff Practical Gifts

Christmas stockings offer parents an opportunity to purchase gifts their children need, regardless of the holiday. Purchasing needed items is a great trick that does not bother children when performed correctly. The mundane can become extraordinary when it contains favorite characters, sparkles, or animals that speak to children.

Socks with Thomas the Tank Engine on them, mittens with sparkly hearts, underwear with construction vehicles, hats adorned with cute blue cats, tights with pink snowmen, hair clips in a favorite color, a battery-powered toothbrush with a Disney character on it, even toothpaste with a special character delight children.

Craft Materials Make Budget Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Children love to create, and crafts are important developmental toys for young children. Crafts are also easy, affordable stocking stuffers. Paint, block stamps and ink pads, paint brushes, crayons, markers, child-safe scissors, stickers, glue, and small containers of Play-Doh are just the right size for little hands. They also fit perfectly in a stocking.

Small Toys are Affordable Christmas Gifts Suited for Stockings

Small toys are often more affordable than their larger versions. Small Lego kits, for example, can be purchased for $10, as opposed to $50, or even $100, for a larger model. Mini puzzles, coloring books, reading books, and figurines are also more affordable than their larger counterparts.


Young boys will like matchbox cars or small construction vehicles. For train aficianados, interesting pieces of train track, risers, and engines are good choices. Toddler girls may enjoy receiving a dollhouse family, small plush toys, or play kitchen accessories.

Toys Bought in Bulk Make Cheaper Christmas Gifts

Parents with more than one child will benefit from buying large packages of items and distributing them amongst their children’s stockings. Packages of vehicles, play food, action figures, animals or bath toys can be divvied up between stockings for children to share.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers are Fun, Inexpensive Gifts

Christmas stockings provide parents with the opportunity to be creative about gift giving. By combining gifts of practicality with small surprises, parents can please their children without the anxiety of exceeding their Christmas budgets. Everyone can celebrate good gifts that keep the family budget in order.

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