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Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Small Holiday Gift Ideas to Fill Any Stocking

Published by Gabrielle Murany

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“Something to eat, something to read, something to play with and something they need.”

-Victorian poem

What to put in a Christmas stocking is a dilemma that many parents face as the holidays draw near. Small, inexpensive gifts make the best stocking stuffers. However, it is often hard to find the right balance of things that will keep a child interested during the wait for the presents under the tree. Here are some Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer: Something to Eat

Traditionally, an orange and walnuts were used to fill Christmas stockings. Now many people opt for fun Christmas candy and treats. Try naturally flavored and colored candy, such as those sold by Hammond’s Candies. Or use your child’s favorite prepackaged snack foods.

Individual serving size boxes of sugary cereals, such as Fruit Loops, also make a convenient stocking stuffer. They seem like an extra special treat when sugary cereals are not eaten throughout the year. Cereal has the added benefit of being a quick breakfast that eager children can eat without help while their parents try to sneak a few more minutes of sleep.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer: Something to Read

One or two books help fill out a holiday stocking nicely and are appropriate for all ages. Choose books that are small enough to fit in a stocking. Board books are available for baby and toddler stockings. Paperback picture books and chapter books are a good choice for older children.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer: Something to Play With

The options for something to play with are almost endless. The only limiting factor is the size. Toys purchased to fill a holiday stocking need to be small enough to fit inside. Small stuffed animals, travel-sized games and play-doh are some ideas for younger children. Older children may like a game to go with their current gaming system, small Lego kits, or art supplies.

For less expensive options, visit a dollar store or discount store.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer: Something They Need

Again, there are a variety of options here. Anything from lip balm to new gloves or mittens could fill the need, whatever it may be. Many parents opt to include a new toothbrush in their children’s holiday stocking. Electric toothbrushes that have favorite characters are available in stores and make good stocking stuffers. Older children may need new health and beauty products, like deodorant, nail polish or perfume.

While the ideas given were for children’s stockings, the method could easily be used to fill an adult’s Christmas stocking.

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