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Christmas Surprises for Your Co-Workers: Fortune Cookies and Personalized Business Cards

Published by Ayako Betts

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Why not do something different with your Christmas cards this year?

There are three different kinds of co-workers. Some co-workers you need to buy the obligatory gift for. They fall into the first category. Then there are those that are more of an acquaintance. They fall into the second category. The third group are those you consider a friend.

When you work with 50, 100 or even more people, Christmas can be very costly to even recognize all of your friends at work along with your family and extended families. The acquaintances and friends are relegated to receiving the Christmas card because it is generally a cost effective way to acknowledge the people you work with.

But what if there was still a cost effective way to reach many people but to do it with some flare and personalize it?

What About Baking Fortune Cookies?

For your acquaintances you can simply print out slips wishing them warm greetings from your family. You can take it farther with your friends. You know the events that are happening in their lives and can make fortune cookies that reflect that. For example on friend is having a baby in March, one is house hunting, one is looking forward to a trip. You can write on their fortune that they will be visited by a special guest in the coming months, that their dream home is just waiting to be discovered or that that they will have a memorable adventure.

There are loads of recipes for making the actual fortune cookie all over the internet. Look up a few different ones and choose the one you like or click on this one.

Business Cards for the Holidays

Another gift for co-workers that you consider friends is to give them personalized business cards. These are not the cards printed up for work. These cards recognize their special talents.

Blank business card sheets that can be run through any computer printer come about 250 cards to a package. For each of your closest friends at work or each member of your team you can make up ten cards that are unique to them.

Do you have that person in the office that is always cooking or baking? Make them up cards about Sue’s catering business. Does Joe come in from the weekend bragging about his golf score? Make him cards for Joe’s Pro Shop or Joe’s Golf Lessons. Everyone will have fun checking out all of the other people’s cards and showing off their own. You won’t have that happen handing out the same old Christmas cards.

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