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Christmas Themed Wedding: Winter Wonderland Wedding

Published by Lewis Ayo

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Baubles, sparkles and twinkles lights are everywhere in December. Walking through any mall can turn anyone green with envy at the opulence of the seasonal ornamentation.It’s no wonder so many brides choose to have a winter wedding. Both magical and nostalgic, the elements of traditional holiday celebrations fit well with the essential elements of weddings. Seasonal decor can be both affordable and beautiful for the December bride.

Christmas Ornament Centerpieces

Guests can feel the comfort of the holidays and still dine in style when they are seated at a table that features decorative globes as the centerpiece. The options are limitless. Because most ornaments sparkle and shine, it is enough to pile them up in a transparent bowl and coordinate colours.

Wreaths are another seasonal touch that is cheap and simple. Buying a whole Christmas tree – $20 at Ikea – and using the branches for green touches can be a great money saver. Another option is using baby Christmas trees, available at local nurseries, already potted. Whether used as a guest favour or a decorated centerpiece, they will make an elegant and warm statement.

Christmas Bows

Oversized bows are not only trendy this year – having been popularized by celebrities such as Lady Gaga – they are most commonly associated with Christmas. Luckily, certain stores, like Bowring, in Toronto, sell oversized, sparkly and fabulous fabric flowers and ribbons to use as table accessories or decorative items.

Ribbons can go on the backs of chairs, around vases or even on the walls. Hanging oversized ribbons in traditional Christmas colours can effectively establish a decorative theme for a wedding. Most churches are already decorated in a similar fashion during this time of year, so not only will the bride be saving by not having to decorate the church herself with flowers, but she can take elements of the decor and apply them to the whole theme of the wedding, cutting down additional work.


Christmas Cookies

To save some cash, frugal brides can consider having a baking shower where they can make and decorate seasonal cookies for the wedding. Gingerbread house decorating kits are available at most supermarkets. When assembled, they make truly magical centerpieces or decorative items that will delight young and old. The best part: guests can nibble at them, or the icing and candy toppers during the wedding reception.

Gold And Silver Wedding Colours

The winter season is the most appropriate time to add shine and glamour to a wedding. Sparkles and glitter are not tacky or out of place. Sparkly snowflakes can hang from the ceiling and glitter can be scattered like confetti on each table. Fake snow and ice and glass can take a cold and dreary wedding to stylish and dramatic heights.

A tip when using gold or silver: these brights shiny colours usually work best when paired with another solid colour – not one another. For example, silver and blue or green go well together and gold pairs up nicely with deep red or light candy pink.

A winter wedding is all about incorporating traditions and holiday cheer into a celebration of love. December may not be the warmest or most convenient month to get married in, but it’s a chance to go over the top and really play with elements of winter.

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