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Christmas Tree Origami Video Instructions Online: Demonstrations of How to Create Holiday Decorations on YouTube

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It is likely that children will develop a liking for learning about origami from You Tube videos. The demonstration outlined below is so clear, that it is simple to follow. If the kids find some aspects of the folding difficult, they can continually rewind the videos until the have the basics in hand. Once they have learnt the basic folds and shapes, they will be able to move on to other Christmas tree decorations.

Finding Educational Videos on YouTube


There is a large amount of instructional videos on You Tube to choose from. They are simple to find. Simply place origami Christmas tree instructions in to the search engine. A series of videos will come up called Origami Christmas for all – 29 – Christmas Tree. This is a three part series designed by Makoto Yamaguchi.

How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree

  1. Before young artists can make this tree they will need to hone up on how to make a preliminary base. Instructions can be found alongside this series by Yamaguchi. This shape is the basic shape from which all of the parts of the tree are made. It is important for the young people to fold each fold very firmly. Once they have this shape folded they will find it easy to repeatedly make this shape.
  2. The first video in the series shows the young people how to fold the pyramids from which the tree triangle shape is created. It is called Origami Christmas for all – 29 – Christmas Tree 2 of 3 – Foliage and Star. This video provides the viewer with a clear understanding of incrementally using a smaller square of paper so that the tree diminishes as it progresses to the top. On the top a very small square will become the star.
  3. There is a trunk shape to be made to support the tree, which can be located in close proximity to the series. It is very simple to make and by now the children will find learning how to make the folds quite easy.
  4. The last video in this series called Assembling the Tree. It quite short and demonstrates for the little artists how this all fits together. The more attractive the paper artists use, the nicer the design of the tree.

Decorative Ways to Finish the Tree

Hand-made paper is a wonderful option for origami. It can be a whole other project to make and so, until there is some at hand children may need to find other ways to decorate the trees.

It can be attractive when an artist creates a very plain tree, which is then decorated with small circles of colored paper created with a hole punch. White paper circles can be made to look like snow by running a glue stick over the paper. Once this is done, sprinkle white circles on to the surface randomly.


Once the tree is made, the children can glue it to a coloured cardboard base. The tree could become a centre piece on the Christmas dinner table. It might be fun for them to find ways to make tiny little presents to place under the tree and around the base. They might want to punch holes into the shelves of the tree, so that they can thread coloured ribbon through them to make dangling decorations.

When the project is finished, the children might be very proud of the work they have created. This Christmas jigsaw is one of extending the fun by uploading a digital photo of their work into a jigsaw cutter. The children can then send their image to friends as a Christmas card.

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