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Christmas Wedding Bouquets: Bridal Bouquets for Christmas and the Holiday Season

Published by Nakisha Zagami

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Christmas wedding bouquets do not have to be restricted by flowers and plants which are in season; today, seasonal wedding bouquets often include an array of non-traditional flowers, which are grown throughout the world. Christmas bridal bouquets can include roses, stephanotis and baby’s breath, together with accents of mistletoe, holly, pine and even juniper.

Stephanotis for Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Stephanotis belongs to the Apocynaceae plant family and there are a variety of Stephanotis sub-species within the genus; however, in general, Stephanotis is a fragrant, white flower with waxy, leathery leaves. The flower is tropical in origin and is found in its natural habit in African woodlands. Stephanotis is often grown in hothouses in countries in the Northern Hemisphere; due to its popularity as a wedding flower, the Stephanotis floribunda species is sometimes referred to as the Bridal Veil.

Baby’s Breath for Christmas Bridal Bouquets

Baby’s breath, or gypsophila, belongs to the Gypsophila genus, which consists of both annual and perennial plants; Baby’s breath is the most commonly known of the Gypsophila species. It is often found in many wedding bouquets, whatever the season; Baby’s breath has small, white flowers with grass-like foliage. In addition to being used as a fresh flower for bridal bouquets, Baby’s breath can be used as a dried flower.

Juniper as an accent for Christmas Bridal Bouquets

In addition to the traditional accents commonly associated with Christmas wedding bouquets, such as holly, mistletoe and pine, a sprig or two of juniper provides an interesting and fragrant alternative. Juniper (Juniperus communis) belongs to the Cupressaceae plant family and has a woody, fresh aroma which is stimulative and purifying; Juniper trees grow in the Mediterranean, Canada, Russia and as far north as the Arctic Circle. A green sprig of juniper will add fragrance to a Christmas bridal bouquet.

Roses for Christmas Bridal Bouquets

Roses (Rosa damascena) are traditionally thought of as a summer flower but roses are now available all year round and in a variety of colors; roses also provide an aphrodisiac scent for a wedding including scented rose species Tea Rose, Gallica Rose and Musk Rose. The classic rose can be combined with stephanotis or baby’s breath in a Christmas wedding bouquet.


Accents and Colors for Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Traditional colors for Christmas wedding bouquets usually follow those of winter wedding bouquets and include white, red and green; for a true Christmas feel, add mistletoe, holly and a sprig of pine. Mistletoe and holly, in addition to providing greenery within a Christmas bridal bouquet, have berries of white and red, respectively. Pine adds fragrance to the bouquet but consider juniper as an alternative too.

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