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Christmas with a Theme: High Concept Ideas for Decorating for the Holidays

Published by Dewey Allbert

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The holidays are about tradition and bringing family together, but decorating your house with the same ornaments year after year can get a little stale. Try something different this year and pick a unifying theme to spice up your trimming.

Formal Holidays. Think tuxedos and formal wear. Concentrate on red, black and white with gold and silver accents for your home. For real panache, get a red tree and cover it with black and white ornaments and red lights. For an added touch, use formal pictures of your party guests as additional decorations or as place markers on the table. Go one step further with a red table cloth, black placemats and white plates.

Sports Fanatic. Whatever team you love, deck the halls in a display of fanatic support. Stores have a huge variety of team ornaments and nowadays there are lights in every color imaginable so it’s pretty easy to decorate in your favorite colors. But the specialized ornaments can be expensive, so consider creating your own. Decoupage is easy and team photos with sports heroes, past and present, can easily be turned into ornaments. Turn this into a game for after dinner and pass around the photos, see who knows the most trivia about the person featured.

Baby’s First. There is nothing like your first holiday season with a new addition, so celebrate it in newborn style. Fake trees now come in pastel colors and white, or you can stick with the traditional green, and go for the pastel lights and ornaments. To give it an authentic baby or child feel, use nuks, small bottles and little toys as ornaments. Tie little ribbons all over the tree to give it a softer feel. Baby photos of both sides of the family can be hung in tiny ornamental frames and will give guests something to coo over when baby is sleeping.

Nature’s Touch. Go green for the holidays with a live tree that can be planted afterward or live on in your home. Decorate it with natural elements such as pinecones, sprays of dried flowers and greenery. Give a nod to traditional fare with popcorn and cranberry strands of garland. Finish your tree with small sachets full of potpourri or seeds that can be given to guests as parting gifts.

Crafter’s Delight. Decorate your home with your own hands. Use handmade creations that you and your friends and family members have designed to give your home a personal touch that cannot be replicated. You can even save some of the decorating until your holiday get together and ask guests to either bring an ornament they’ve made or arrange a simple craft party that everyone will enjoy participating in.

These are just a few theme decorating ideas for the holidays, go ahead and let your mind wander until you come up with just the right theme for your home and your guests. Happy Holidays!

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