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Clever Ways to Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Published by Lolita Terra

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Save Your Waistline This Holiday Season

When Halloween season has left you with an overabundance of sweet treats and you’re determined to stick with your healthy diet this season, fear not; there are plenty of ways to use up leftover Halloween candy and ward off those evil pounds. Here are some clever and creative ways to use up leftover Halloween candy after the Halloween revelries are over:

  1. Get crafty for Christmas.Halloween is a great time to stock up on crafting gear and supplies, and the extra candy can be used to get going on homemade Christmas decorationsand stocking stuffers. Pull together all the Christmas theme-colored candy you can find.
  2. Work on a holiday gingerbread house.Kids of all ages will love putting together a gingerbread house made entirely of chocolate bricks and candy. You can use a basic gingerbread house design to construct walls, windows and doors made with different pieces of candy. Consider covering and freezing the masterpiece if the family wants to snack on it at a later date.
  3. Bake up a storm.Chocolate and candy can make baking new treats a cinch; consider topping off your favorite brownies with chocolate nuggets or decorating cookies with some crumbled hard candy. The holidays already call for baking unique and tasty treats, so experiment with different toppings and use the candy as mix-ins for that upcoming bake-off contest.
  4. Treat the coworkers.If you’re truly concerned about temptation from having extra candy around the house, consider boxing up the treats in goodie bags or a simple glass jar and taking it to work. Just be prepared for frequent visits from friendly coworkers who just happen to stop by to say ‘Hi’.
  5. Freeze it for next year.Candy and chocolate can be stored for years on end in the freezer; just make sure everything is wrapped tight, and defrost it when needed.
  6. Make your own hot fudge syrup.If the family is a fan of hot fudge sundaes, you can whip up some homemade sundae syrup by melting chocolate bars with heavy cream. You can store your homemade fudge sauce for months in the freezer, and treat everyone to dessert in the upcoming holiday months.
  7. Donate it.If you don’t have time for arts and crafts this year or just want the candy off your hands, pronto, consider donating the sugary goods to a local charity or food bank. The candy can be used for kid’s activities, and even soup kitchens can make use of some sugary treats to when serving dessert.

Sidestepping temptation during those post-Halloween days may seem impossible, but there are ways to get through the holidays without cleaning out the candy jar. Whether you choose to donate the treats to a food bank or bake up some brownies for holiday guests, make use of any of these strategies to use of that leftover Halloween candy in a creative way this season!



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