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Craft a Christmas Tree from a Magazine or Paperback Book

Published by Jennie Burrelli

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A Christmas tree is simple to craft but can make an elegant impact wherever it’s displayed. So, gather up your old magazines or paperbacks, put on a holiday CD, grab a cup or hot cocoa and get started. But, be warned, making these ‘trees’ can be addictive.

A Simple Christmas Tree

It’s very easy to craft a simple Christmas tree from an old paperback book or from a Reader’s Digest magazine or TV Guide. Even Martha Stewart has a version.

  • Tip: To see how to fold the pages, check out this book folding technique.

An Elegant 3-Tier Christmas Tree

This 3-tier tree is more time-consuming to make but it is a nice twist on the simple version. You will need to take more care as this tree involves cutting with a sharp Xacto or rug-cutting knife.


You Will Need:

  • Old magazine
  • Steel or steel-edged ruler
  • Pencil (or felt pen)
  • Xacto or rug-cutting knife
  • Extra blades for cutting knife or tool
  • Bone folder (optional)

What to Do:

  1. Open the magazine and bend it to break the spine (this makes it easier to form the ‘tree’).
  2. Next, remove both covers from the magazine.
  3. Draw the lines as shown in the diagram. Note that the dotted lines are to be used for folding and the solid lines are where you will make your cuts.
  4. This part of making the tree is the most complicated. It’s easier if you cut a few pages at a time. Be sure to change the blade, as it tends to get dull very quickly.
  5. Once you’ve cut the magazine on each of the solid lines so that you have 3 separate tiers of the magazines, you can start to fold the pages.
  6. Starting with the top tier, take the upper right-hand corner of the first page and bring it down so that the top edge of the page rests against the binding of the magazine binding.
  7. Crease this fold. Use a bone folder to smooth the folded paper edge if desired.
  8. Continue folding and creasing the remaining pages until this tier resembles the top of a Christmas tree.
  9. When done with the first tier, repeat with the other two tiers. Again, take your time and cut only a few pages at a time. It does not matter if the cuts are not exactly the same, this will only add charm to your finished tree.
  10. When each tier of the magazine is completely folded, glue the front and back pages of each tier together.
  11. Decorate the tree with a star or decoration of your choice at the top of the tree, or you can leave without any ornament.

Making these trees is a fun way to spend time with the kids. The best part is that this tree doesn’t need to be watered and it definitely won’t shed any needles for you to clean up.

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