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Create a Happy Halloween Treat Bag

Published by Georgann Pace

Microsoft Word to add spooky Halloween decorations and print with a color or black and white printer.

Prepare the bag by ironing them flat, they may be wrinkled when you take them out of the plastic bag. A cold iron on a cutting board works well, or anything to that will flatten them. This way you have a nice smooth surface to print your Halloween graphics. Add a piece of blue painters tape to the bag flap, to hold the flap securely to the seamed side of the bag. Add another piece to the top where the bag opens. This will keep the bag closed so it can feed through the printer easily.

Prepare the document by creating a 5 x 10 ¾ blank document. Set the margins to: Top 2.5, Bottom 4.0, and Right and Left to .50. This will give you a space of about 4 by 4 ¼ inches to personalize the bag.

Add Halloween clip art including ghosts, witches and pumpkins. Use WordArt to add the child’s name or a Halloween message. Use Callouts to add words and phrases to your graphics. (Callouts are balloons that have words inside, similar to a comic strip character talking.) A bold, simple lined font works well for names and words.

Draw the bag measurements onto a regular piece of printer paper, cut the paper to the size of your bag. Practice printing on these cut down papers until you have everything lined up. You may need to adjust the paper thickness on the printer to an “envelope” or “cardstock” to allow more space for the bag to flow through the printer. Print the bags then remove the tape and fill with Halloween treats.


~ You can make a big hit with your child’s class by creating a bag for each child in the room. Don’t forget the teacher.

~ Enhance your child’s Halloween party by hiding decorated treat bags around the house and let the children hunt for them.

~ Give children a decorated treat bag and let them print their names on it, and then have them fill the bags with treats themselves.

~ Lunch bags can be decorated with many themes including, birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more.

~ Decorated bags can also be used on your table instead of a place card with guests names printed on them. Fill them with small bags of mints, chocolates or fancy homemade cookies.

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