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Create Easter ATCS: Art Cards for the Upcoming Holiday

Creating Art Cards, otherwise known as ATCs, is a lot of fun and they provide that instant gratification a lot of artists enjoy. First you will need to make up some bases. There is a good template here:

Mirkwood Designs: ATC Cutting Template

For the best results when cutting an ATC template, use a paper cutter. Scissors work just fine if a steady hand is in place, but a paper cutter will always be quicker, yield the best results, and help prevent stress when a wavy line occurs when scissors are in use.


  • Easter themed stickers, scrapbook embellishments, and pictures
  • Heavy-duty glue stick
  • Easter themed brads
  • Hole punch for brads
  • No-stick glitter glue

If a group is working on these Easter themed ATCs, then set up all the supplies in the middle of a table so everyone can reach. Otherwise, set the work area up so everything is in quick and easy reach. Set out a piece of cardboard (like a cereal box that has been cut open) on top of the work surface, and then place the items all around.


  1. Collage directly on to the ATC using the Easter themed items gathered. Make sure the glue runs all the way to the edge of the elements being layered, otherwise they will peel up. Don’t worry if the elements run over the edge of the ATC.
  2. Punch a hole in each of the four corners of the ATC. Add the Easter themed brads.
  3. Add a layer of glitter glue over the entire collage. This can be done randomly, in a swirling design, in a picture, as dots, or whatever else comes to mind.
  4. Trim along the edges so they are clean using scissors or a paper cutter.

There are many variations this project can take. If a more structured design is preferred, look to Easter cards or Easter clip art as inspiration. For example, alpha stamps or alpha stickers can spell out an Easter greeting, or a quotation sticker might work if this piece of art is going to be included in with the Easter card.

Where to find more Easter supplies:

  • Use old Easter cards from years past.
  • Shop the clearances directly following Easter (they are everywhere!)
  • Visit the clearance sections of online retailers.
  • Cut pictures from holiday themed magazines
  • Print clip art from websites
  • Print ecards or create and print cards
  • Draw your own pictures
  • Print out templates from websites

The quick and easy manner of an ATC lends itself well to the creation of Easter art projects and easy Easter crafts with children. These works of art do not have to be perfect, and it is a great way to teach them new techniques. Ask them to choose some acrylic paints, and turn these ATCs into miniature canvases! Ask them to pick out some to use a Spriograph on a sheet of paper before cutting it into the ATCs. They’ll be excited about what discoveries are made once the cuts occur. Have fun!

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