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Create Handmade Christmas Cards Using Scrapbook Supplies

Published by Ileen Kakos

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Basic scrapbooking supplies such as card, stickers, embellishments and paper can be used to create endless variations of Christmas cards. These can be traditional, humorous, stylish, or works of art that are worth framing. Apart from being fun to make, personalized Christmas cards can be a way of giving a gift voucher as a Christmas present.

Scrapbooking Supplies to use in making Christmas Cards

The basic supplies needed for making Christmas cards include the following:

  • Blank cards and envelopes. Cards can be cut from large sheets or can be bought pre-cut. Look for sparkly or shiny card and card in plain Christmas colors.
  • Craft and scrapbooking stores stock a large range of stickers and embellishments that relate to specifically to Christmas.
  • There are many non-specific papers and cut-outs that work wonderfully when making Christmas cards. Look for those with interesting textures.
  • Sequins, glitter, feathers, ribbons and other bits and pieces that will add sparkle and effect.
  • Two-sided tape, glue, scissors, a craft knife and a flat working surface are essential when creating Christmas cards.
  • A book or magazine with card-making ideas can be a useful prompt.

How to Create Christmas Cards from Scrapbooking Supplies

The first thing is to decide the size of the cards and ensure you have envelopes that will fit them. Then lay the cards out on a clean flat surface that is lined with plain paper. Then experiment with laying papers, stickers and embellishments onto the cards. Here are some ideas of what to try:


  • Use textured papers and layer them onto the card
  • Don’t use too many stickers or cut-outs on a card
  • Paper with printed words can look effective against plain card
  • A few sparkly sequins or a shaking of glitter can make a card extra special
  • Experiment with cut-out frames and place them at angles to each other
  • Use squares, circles and rectangles of paper to add interest to a card
  • Pre-printed Christmas greetings give a card a professional finish
  • Ribbons can be glued on flat or as a bow
  • Cards that are too bulky may get damaged in the post so consider whether they will be hand delivered or posted
  • Use a small metal embellishment as a focal point and build the rest of the card around it

Card making is an enjoyable past time and Christmas is an ideal occasion to express your creativity. Plan to spend a couple of hours working on the cards and set up everything you will need beforehand. Sending out Christmas cards that have been made with a friend or family member in mind can be extremely fulfilling.

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