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Create Homemade Christmas Ornaments With Three Simple Supplies

Published by Andree Devericks

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Christmas crafts are perfect ways to create homemade ornaments, decorations and presents. This homemade Christmas ornament craft creates several different holiday shapes and uses the very minimum of craft supplies. All you will need is various colors of construction paper, white crafting glue, and loose glitter. The finish result will be an original, colorful homemade Christmas ornament that will last throughout the years. Children’s imaginations can run wild with this Christmas craft.

General Glue Christmas Craft Guidelines

  1. The glue must be applied in very thick layers to ease with lifting and soaking up the color.
  2. The glue must completely dry before attempting to remove the ornament. It will be clear in appearance when it is ready.
  3. A normal Christmas tree decoration hook is easily inserted into the top of the glue ornament for hanging on the tree.
  4. The glue ornaments is created on construction paper because it will adhere to the paper and the glue will take the color of the construction paper when it is removed.It also adds to the stability of the ornament.
  5. Glitter glue is not recommended because it is thin and will not hold the ornament shape as well as white glue.
  6. Cookie cutters are great for tracing Christmas shapes on to the construction paper and then follow the outline with thick lines of glue.
  7. For a more personalized ornament, let children freehand their ornament shapes. This creates cute, original Christmas ornaments and allows children to openly express their own creativity.

Christmas Tree Glue Ornament

  1. Use green construction paper for the background color. Make a triangle shape with thick lines of glue onto the paper and fill in thick with glue. More elaborate Christmas trees can be created by tracing a tree shaped cookie cutter on the paper and following the outline with glue.
  2. While the glue is wet, add green glitter all over. Red glitter can be added in small circles sporadically around the Christmas tree. This is easily done by generously coating the tip of a dry Q-tip into red glitter and dabbing it into the wet glue to add red balls. Add yellow glitter at the top for a sparkling Christmas tree topper.
  3. Allow the glue to completely dry. This may take a full day or so. Gently peel off the dried glue ornament. If getting this started seems difficult, use a butter knife to gently pry up one edge and then slowly peel off.
  4. Insert a decoration hook through the top of the homemade Christmas ornament and add to your Christmas tree.

Sequins, mini pompom, ribbon, pieces of tinsel and other crafting supplies can be used to decorate the Christmas tree while the glue is still wet.


This homemade Christmas tree ornament is just one of the many ideas using these three simple craft supplies. Stars, gingerbread men, snowflakes, snowmen, angels and reindeers are all adorable Christmas symbols that can be created with these craft supplies and instructions.

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