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Creating Halloween Themed Hair Bows

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

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This Halloween, many little girls will be dressing in their chosen costume to go trick or treating. Many of these children have long hair that can become tangled in various costume accessories, such as a mask, a hat, and even the little wands that come with numerous types of costumes. Not only can detangling hair from one of these accessories prove to be extremely frustrating and time consuming, this kind of issue can pose a danger to the child.

Many parents are now resorting to hair bows and similar accessories in order to pull the hair back on the child to guard against common hair related complications. In this article, you will learn how to create Halloween themed hair bows to accessorize any costume.

When you wish to create a Halloween themed hair bow for your child, the first thing that you will want to take into consideration is the color scheme of the Halloween costume that your little girl desires to wear. Many Halloween costumes, such as the witch, pirate, Indian, geisha, vampire, and dark angel will gear around the color schemes of black, silver, gold, and red. Costumes that are related to famous cartoon characters, cheerleading, princess designs, and similar costumes will often focus on brighter colors, like pale blue, pinks, gold’s, and more.

Once you have established the color of the costume that your child is wearing, you are now ready to purchase your supplies. It is important to select at least two different color ribbons in order to create your Halloween themed hair bow. This will help make the hair bow unique, and suited to the color scheme of the overall Halloween costume. You will also need to purchase a pack of hair berets that is appropriate to the type of hair that your daughter has. You will want to try to find berets that are black in color. This will ensure that everything matches. A hot glue gun and glue stick will also be required.

There are numerous accessories that are Halloween related that you can purchase to decorate your Halloween themed hair bow. Miniature pumpkins, skulls, witch hats, and broomsticks are just some of the examples that you have to work with. You should check in the toy department, the Halloween aisle, and various craft stores in order to research the accessories that are available to you.

For the purpose of this article, we will take the child witch costume and use it as an example. Let’s say that the costume that your child has selected is similar to the one pictured to the side of this article. It is a modern witch costume that is sassy, unique, and consists of the color scheme of black and silver. You have the accessories of a witch hat, a broom, and a choker. When you purchase your ribbon, you will want to ensure that you select the colors of black and silver to work with. You may also select a black ribbon and a silver ribbon that has speckles of black contained within it.

You will simple take the ribbon and tie it to form a bow. It is important to avoid making the bow too large, or too small. Once the bow is the right size, you will want to take your hot glue gun and apply just enough to hold the bow together. You should now place the bow on the black berets that you purchase. You will simply place a small amount of glue to the beret and set the bow down on it and allow it to thoroughly dry.

Some great miniature accessories for this costume would include black cats, small witch brooms, or even small witch hat. You will then take these accessories and simply hot glue them in the middle of the bow that you have created.

That’s it!

Now, you have a personalized Halloween themed hair bow!


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