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Creative and Easy Halloween Dinner Recipes

Published by Merideth Martindale

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Some people look forward to holidays just so they can find an excuse to celebrate and have a fun dinner party. Others dread it because they know that they have to do something for the family to enjoy. If you’re one of these people, don’t sweat having to have everything perfect. There are a ton of really simple recipes out there, that are easy for you and delicious to all of your family and friends. Even if your a picky eater, a vegetarian, or you don’t like to try new things, you can do lots of things without meat, or take your favorite meal that you eat every night, and turn it into a spook-tabular meal.

First, let’s start with appetizers. Having a variety of different things is good for entertaining, because everybody in the room could have completely different taste buds, so have a a couple things of everything is a great idea.

Zombie Tongues are easy and great for everybody. All you need is mini bagels, cream cheese, and turkey slices. Put the cream cheese on the bagels and close them like any normal bagel, but instead of putting the turkey on bagel itself, cut a shape of a tongue and stick the top part on the top of the bagel hole. When you cut just cut it in the shape of a U, but make the dip a lot shorter. You can also use any kind of meat for this if you don’t like turkey.

Mummy Pizza would be great if your a vegetarian, or if your just a fan of pizza. You need sliced English muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese slices, black olives, red and green peppers. Heat the oven to 350 F. For each muffin, spread the pizza sauce over it and put the olive slices as the eyes, and put the green pepper in the middle so it will look like pupils. Lay strips of cheese (( String cheese would be best for this )), and use it as the mummy wrap. Bake for about ten minutes or until the cheese is melted and the muffin is toasted.

Witch Brew is simple and easy and doesn’t even require five minutes. Just mix together your favorite snacks that are orange, black and white. A good idea for this would be popcorn, Cheeto’s or goldfish, orange and black M&Ms, raisins, marshmallows and pretzels dipped in white chocolate.

Deviled Eye Eggs is just your basic deviled eggs. But get food coloring for the yolk mix. Green or blue would be good, and then for the paprika, spread it in lines on the white part, so it looks like blood shot eyes.

Alright then comes the dinner.

Graveyard Ghouls is great especially if kids are there. Make a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese, and then fry up one package of Oscar Meyer wieners and cut them in half, at a forty five degree angle. Then put two dots on there with honey mustard to make them look like they have eyes. Fast, easy and creative for kids.

Spooky Chicken is just your simple chicken and salsa for the marinade. Get four pieces of chicken breasts, and soak it in a bag of salsa for a marinade, and then stick it in the fridge for two hours. After that, take it out, and you can either grill it, or fry it. After your all done, you can add a bit more salsa to go on top, so that it looks more red. If you wanted to make it fancier than that, then you could add your own decorations such as olives for the eyes, or cut mushrooms in the shape of graveyards and put them on top.

Eyeball Tomato Soup is something that will go with every meal. Take mini mozzarella balls and then fill them with stuffed olives. Then if you want to add some decoration with it, take a Kalamata olive and stick four green toothpicks in it horizontally so it looks like eight legs.

For more recipes I recommend this book.

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