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Creative and Inspiring Halloween Treats for Children

Published by Kareem Wycoff

trick or treat bags. I have comprised a list of five interesting alternatives.

One alternative to Halloween candy is the plastic spider rings that you can get at any party store. You can purchase hundreds of these little guys in a multitude of colors such as green, purple, black, white, orange and yellow for fewer than ten dollars. When handing out the spider rings, you have to be careful not to give them to smaller children that can swallow them and choke. However, these are wonderful treats to give out to the older children.

The second alternative Halloween treat that we have given out is party favors such as bouncy balls, Halloween colored beads and balloons. Children feel like they have been to a party rather than running door to door! These can also be purchased from your local party supply store. Please remember that party favors are not appropriate to hand out to the smaller children.

Another fabulous and imaginative alternative to candy that we have used is to purchase stickers to hand out. You can purchase the stickers in bulk from your favorite party or craft supply store. This is a good treat for the younger children as well. Children tend to put the stickers on immediately or attach them to their favorite folder or notebook when they get home.

In order to promote the arts on such a fun holiday is to print out holiday themed coloring sheets from your computer and purchase small packs of crayons. Trick or treaters of all ages love to color! You can purchase the small packs of crayons in bulk from your local wholesale club or party supply store. The individual crayon packs come in packs of four.

Finally, my favorite Halloween candy option is bookmarks. You can make this a fun activity with your own children! You can purchase blank bookmarks in packages of 50 for less than $5 at any craft store. One suggestion for decorating is to use Halloween themed rubber stamps! This not only promotes reading, but it’s also a fabulous substitute for candy. In our experience, I’ve found that the kids love receiving bookmarks and will use them. Bookmarks are a great memoir for the children to have even after the Halloween season is over.

Hopefully, by choosing one of these trick or treat alternatives to candy, you will not only be a hit with the trick or treaters, but will also be handing out a nice surprise for children of all ages.

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