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Creative DIY Halloween Costumes: Free Ideas for Dressing Up

Published by Tequila Batton

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Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes generally conjure up an image of the unoriginal white sheet with holes for eyes. But just because many don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a pre-packaged costume doesn’t mean that parties across the nation will be swarming with ghosts.

All it takes is a little creativity and one or two accessories to pull together a costume from around the house. Below is a little inspiration to get those looking for a last minute costume on the right track.

School and Athletic Uniforms Become Halloween Characters

Many people can’t bring themselves to toss old track, football, or cheerleading uniforms. While an ordinary football player may be a tried look, it’s easy to spice up with fake bruises and black eyes. A regular cheerleader turns into a horror movie antagonist with vampire teeth, white makeup and fake blood.

Fashion Across the Decades Halloween Costumes

All it takes is a quick ransacking through boxes of old clothes, clothes that have made their distinct impression on one generation or another, to find a unique accessory that can complete an authentic 90’s grunge look, a Day-Glo 80’s outfit, or a unique 60’s hippie ensemble.

This type of costume is a great opportunity to wear a belt, necklace, sunglasses, or jacket that wouldn’t normally be worn otherwise. And if others can’t guess the costume, it’s always okay to ask partygoers for their interpretation.

A Natural Halloween Costume

What better excuse to get outside and run through the bright colored leaves than to get out and collect parts of a Halloween costume? Attaching leaves to a scarf that wraps around the shoulders keeps one warm and makes an easy tree costume with brown pants and boots This costume can be dressed up with makeup and even a stuffed animal stuck to one’s leg. It may also get the partygoer plenty of hugs.

Re-Use Fancy Clothes for Quick Halloween Costumes

There aren’t many people who have bought a cocktail dress or tuxedo and worn it enough times to justify its purchase. An old party mask can be decorated to look Venetian and be paired with an old evening dress. Otherwise, a couple can go as James Bond and his Bond Girl du jour.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Literature Buffs

For bookworms and those looking for a unique Halloween personnage, flipping open a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and leafing through pages of whimsical characters will easily spark ideas. From well known Hansel and Gretel to the lesser known King Thrushbeard, those who dress as a Grimm’s character have an immediate icebreaker at parties: telling the fairy tale to those who will listen.

Likewise, Shakespeare characters make for good ideas for those with a closet full of medieval attire. The ever popular Romeo and Juliet works for the tragic couple, while someone dressed from Hamlet can recite infamous lines and carry a sword all night.

A Last-minute Halloween Costume

Needing only a white t-shirt, a Sharpie, and a handful of verbs, nouns, and adjectives, the busy or procrastinating partygoer can become a walking dictionary.

No matter what costume one chooses, there is always an ounce more of creativity in those authentic costumes created from a melange of items collected from boxes in the basement. And there’s usually more than an ounce of money saved.

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