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Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes: How To Make Inexpensive Children’s Costumes

Published by Kym Pontoriero

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There are numerous party stores around town and online that sell any costume imaginable, from Harry Potter to a Warrior Queen. However, with today’s economy on the fritz, there is an inexpensive way to spend this Halloween with easy homemade costume ideas. Instead of spending $50 on a store-bought costume, parents can spend between $20 and $0 with these at-home costume designs. Also, these ideas give children a great art project to do at home and allow them to get creative!

Bag of Jelly Beans


  • colorful balloons
  • large clear garbage bag
  • colorful ribbons


  1. Many of the balloons need to be blown up, as needed for the costume.
  2. Leg holes on the bottom of the garbage bag and arm holes towards the middle need to be cut.
  3. Then the child stands in the garbage bag, which will be filled with the blown-up balloons.
  4. Bag should be loosely tied around shoulders with ribbon.
  5. Excess bag around face should be cutt off and discarded.
  6. Additions: “Jelly Belly” could be written on the balloons with black marker.

Safety Tip: If no adult is available to chaperon during the trick-or-treating festivities, children should know exactly what time to be home and the child and parent should agree upon an arranged route.



  • white sweats
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • white tennis shoes
  • medium black pom-poms (found in craft stores or art department of Wal-Mart)
  • black hat
  • white face paint


  1. Pom-poms are glued to the sweatshirt for the coals
  2. Rest of costume materials are appropriately worn.
  3. Additions: Cheap white face mask can be added. Carrot is then attached to the nose of the mask.

Safety Tip: Children should be provided with a flashlight, glow sticks, or reflective tape on the costume in order to be more visible to passing vehicles.

Mother Nature


  • skirt (if weather permits, can also add tights for warmth)
  • undershirt or turtleneck
  • old vest
  • fake flowers and leaves (silk or plastic)
  • twigs (found at nearby park or backyard)
  • foam bird (found in art store)
  • glue gun and wire


  1. Glue gun is used to attach leaves and flowers in random pattern to the skirt and vest.
  2. A nest is made out of twigs, using glue gun and wire to hold them together.
  3. Bird is attached to inside of the nest.
  4. Depending on size of nest, can attach to a headband or on shoulder of vest.

Safety Tip: Parents should inspect all candy before allowing children to eat it.

Static Clean


  • sweat pants and shirt of same color. (black or white works best)
  • random pieces of clothing: socks, underwear, dryer sheets, wash clothes.
  • safety pins


  1. After child puts on sweat pants and shirt, safety pins are used to attach pieces of clothing in creative fashion.

Safety Tip: Staying in well lit and populated areas, especially if trick-or-treating after dark, will provide additional safety.

American Tourist


  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Bermuda shorts (if weather permits)
  • cheap camera
  • maps
  • straw hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses


  1. Main items of clothing are appropriately worn.
  2. A strap is attached to the camera so that it may hang around neck.
  3. Maps are stuffed in pockets so that they hang out and can be seen.
  4. Thick sunscreen is applied in strip on nose.

Safety Tip: Basic safety rules should be reviewed before Halloween night, including not crossing the street without looking in both directions and not getting into cars with strangers.

Charlie Brown


  • yellow T-shirt
  • black shorts
  • black tape or paint


  1. Black tape or paint is used to make a zigzag design along bottom of the yellow shirt.

Get Creative!

Halloween is just around the corner, so now is the time to discuss safety rules and make costume decisions. These are just a few of the many ideas available for inexpensive, homemade costumes, so children should be allowed to use their imaginations to be exciting and unique this holiday. Also available, ideas on how to create homemade costumes for men and women. Happy Halloween!

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