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Cute Easter Cakes: Ideas for Creative, Simple Desserts for Spring

Published by Daryl Youd

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Easter is a great holiday for making cute cakes. Whether you choose a bunny theme, Marshmallow Peeps, or egg-shaped cake, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Classic Bunny Cake

The Easter Bunny cake pictured is both simple and adorable. You bake two standard round cakes according to the cake package directions. One cake makes the bunny’s head. For the other cake, you just cut large arced shapes off each side of the cake (which then create the ears), essentially cutting the one cake into thirds, and the center part makes the bow tie. If you look at the picture of the bunny head cake, you can see that if you put together the ears and the bow tie, it would make one round cake. The challenge of this cake is putting icing on the exposed cake edges- so buy two containers of the whipped icing and use a light touch when spreading. Add jellybeans, red licorice whiskers, and other Easter candies to decorate. Sometimes you can even find a cake pan already shaped like an Easter bunny head!

Green Grass Cake

This cake is easy, it’s simply a traditional sheet cake made with one cake mix using your 9×12 pan. You can use any kind of cake mix; at Easter sometimes they have a pretty pastel-sprinkled cake mix. Ice the cake with white frosting. In a large plastic zip-loc bag, mix a bag of coconut and five drops of green food coloring. This makes your ‘grass’ which you then spread on the cake. Use Marshmallow Peeps bunnies and chicks, jellybeans, small chocolate bunnies or whatever you like to create an Easter scene in the grass. Another variation from the traditional cake mix is to slice up a pound cake and line the bottom of your pan, add a layer of fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and then cover with another layer of pound cake, using Cool Whip as the frosting.

Easter Basket Cake

This adorable Easter cake is made by using a Bundt cake pan. Bake the cake according to package directions in a Bundt pan. Ice the cake with white frosting. Prepare green coconut ‘grass’ by mixing a bag of coconut and five drops of green food coloring together in a Ziploc bag. Fill the Bundt hole with a layer of cut-up pound cake at the bottom then add a thick layer of the coconut. Place colored plastic eggs, jellybeans, or wrapped foil chocolate eggs inside the ‘basket.’ Make a basket handle out of spring-colored pipe cleaners and tie a pretty pastel bow on the top.

Any of these cake ideas would be a lovely and delicious way to celebrate Easter!

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