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Day 5 at Rototom Reggae festival in Benicassim with Alpha Blondie

Published by Danial Vargis

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25th of August at Rototom Sunsplash Festival, 16th edition, which this year is being celebrated near the Mediterranean beach of Benicassim, Spain.

More Reggae Music at the Main Stage!

Sud Soundsystem went through everything from ska to dub to reggae, with a high spirit and they managed to get the public involved.

After them started a show with some of the better reggae artists in Spain. The show was called Spanish Latin Reggae Fiesta and it was commanded by Sargento García

Cumbia Muffin’

While the whole performance didn’t have enough music importance, and quality was not relevant at all, as a show mainly addressed to the Spanish and Latin American public it was a very decent party with the highs in Sargento Garcia and Iyé Ifé and their Cumbia Muffin’ and the lows with Dactah Chando, Suppa Bassie and Gambino, who didn’t fill the main stage shoes at all.

More than reggae, this could be called something like ‘world music fussion’, with a strong inspiration on punk, reggae, cumbia, guaguancó, dub, ska, and other global revolutionary styles, many of them inspired directly from Mano Negra.

We can call it entertainment, if we compare with the level of performances the previous days at Rototom this year. Or we can call it original Latin reggae fiesta, like Gambino presented himself. The Latin touch of Sargento Garcia and Iyé Ifé was welcomed by the followers of the festival, so it can be considered as a success if we consider the high attendance at the main stage this night.

The big one in the line-up

With a voice that sounded a bit broken sometimes during the show, Alpha Blondy gave a proper reggae roots concert with a touch. It seems that Spanish and Italian public enjoy better the calypso influences. That could be noticed during some of his most known songs like Sweet Fanta Diallo, that enjoyed of rich arrangements and backing vocals.

The set was long and songs were been dropped easily, the public was truly involved and Alpha Blondie was focused but a bit more of a show was probably needed. Not a problem, though, because people attending the Rototom Sunsplash festival is here because of music, so when music is the most important thing on the stage like it was the case, everybody goes happy again to the tent to recover energies for the following day.

Everything is running peaceful in the festival and attendants, instead of getting tired are charging batteries yet for the next dates, that promise to be intense with performers like Pablo Moses or Max Romeo, and Marcia Griffiths or the Abyssinians that will be closing the festival the night of the 28th of August.

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