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Decorate a Christmas Tree with Memories: Christmas Ornaments for Each Person Each Year

Published by Scottie Lansdowne

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Baby Christmas ornaments are a great tradition to start with young families. Babies often receive an ornament commemorating their first Christmas. If possible, have the child’s name and the date of birth written somewhere on the Christmas decoration. Don’t be afraid to add filler ornaments, as the Christmas tree may look a little bare with just a few decorations. Christmas ornaments can also be homemade.

If finding an ornament for a child’s first Christmas is difficult, consider creating a photo ornament. Many online photo websites offer different ways to place a photo on an ornament.

Choose a Christmas Tree Ornament for Each Person

Every year, each person in the family will receive an ornament. Typically, parents will be responsible for getting the children ornaments. As they get older, individuals can exchange ornaments, each person in the family purchasing for another.

When choosing an ornament, think about the past year and the important event or events that have taken place. Try to choose a decoration that represents that experience. For example, if a child started school, find an ornament with a desk, ruler or pencil. If he or she just joined the basketball team, find a basketball or some character playing basketball. For music lessons or band, an instrument ornament or sheet music would be perfect. Life changes such as marriage, purchasing a home and graduation can all be recorded by decorations on the Christmas tree.

Sometimes, there is not a major event or happening to record. In these times, try to find an ornament that represents the individual. Is there a specific cartoon character that a child really enjoys? Does dad enjoy smoking cigars or riding a motorcycle? Is Mom always baking in the kitchen or working in her garden? These are things that can be found on ornaments for different family members at different times in their life. If everyone went on a family vacation, ornaments from the destination can work for anyone.


Give Out and Label Each Ornament

Choose a time to exchange or open ornaments. Some families open their ornaments as they are all gathered together decorating the tree. Ornaments can be wrapped or unwrapped and everyone should get their ornament at the same time. Don’t rush through this moment. Take time to see each ornament and think about what it represents. Families can have a great time reminiscing over the past year.

In a discreet place, use a permanent marker to record the year the ornament was received. Also, be sure to include the name of the ornament owner. This information becomes important as the tree and all its trimmings are unpacked and ready to be decorated. Sometimes, it is difficult to remember which ornaments belong to each person. Some families like to add whom the ornament is from, however, this takes up a lot of room and many not fit on the ornament.

As children grow up and move out, they may choose to take their ornaments with them. In this way, the Christmas tradition is passed on and started in a new family.

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