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Decorating For Christmas on a Budget

Published by Chung Deavila

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The holiday season tends to be stressful if you have to decorate your home to host the holiday dinner. Gift buying, meal preparations already have your budget stretched and now it is time to decorate. A few simple steps can make this task fun as you decorate with ease.

The first step in any decorating project is to pick a theme. For a warm uncluttered look pick a natural theme. This step should be done weeks ahead of the planned party. Once you have a theme for your party, look through books and magazines for pictures of natural objects you can use in decorating projects. Adding last years garland and lights to this years projects can save budget dollars for new napkins or linens for a formal dinner party. Save budget dollars for those must have items that will really make a difference.

Choose Christmas Decorations That Have Big Impact

When putting a display together make a big impact with very little cash. If your budget does not have enough dollars for a fresh Christmas tree, take large branches from outside and spray paint in a silver or gold color. Place in a large vase. Place large rocks in the bottom of the vase so it will not tip over. Place a large box or bench under the vase and cover the bench with a lovely piece of material or use last years tree skirt. If the vase is large enough to use without a lift, place a large bow on it.


Decorate each branch with balls of the same color. Always be sure that all displays match the theme color. This display can work well with precious display ornaments or as a second display when entertaining in several rooms. Spraying snow on the branches can add a realistic backdrop for a snowman theme. The important point is to make the display big and bold for big impact.

Christmas Decorations Used in Unusual Ways

To make a big impact, think out of the box. Don’t make everything look like a display from a Christmas tree shop. Be creative with what you have and make it look all new with a can of spray paint or a few natural items from your yard.

Taking an old grapevine wreath and pull off the old and worn objects. Add a few cinnamon scented cones, new ribbon, and a few old ornaments for a fresh new look. Use natural ingredients from the kitchen like cloves, cinnamon sticks, and fruit for a centerpiece.

Take old everyday candle holders and wrap with ribbon for a beautiful display of light. Keeping all the colors of the ribbons, spray paint, garlands, fruits and whatever natural items you gather in the same color tones will help to make a stunning display on a budget.

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