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Decorating Tips for Christmas Trees With a Theme: Best Theme, Decorating Colors, Design Style & Tree Lighting Ideas

Published by Marshall Amejorado

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A combination of old fashioned, homemade and collected ornaments from over the years is a wonderful way to decorate a Christmas tree. Well-worn seasonal decorations create a sense of warmth for everyone with their old fashioned traditional style. However, if a theme tree is more to what Christmas calls for this year, here are some simple guidelines with easy ideas for making that theme Christmas tree the talk of the holiday season.

Country Rustic Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Old Fashioned Traditional

  • strings of popcorn, strings of cranberries
  • gingerbread ornaments
  • sprigs of hollyberries
  • painted, wooden ornaments or simple homemade ornaments
  • ornaments should be in earthtone or natural country colors
  • a combination of amber and/or white lights to simulate candlelight

Note: Stay away from Christmas tree ornaments that glitter or shineSanta’s Workshop Christmas Tree Theme

Style: Delightfully Whimsical

  • Santa Claus and elf ornaments
  • reindeer and sleigh ornaments
  • small tools and mini paint brushes
  • mini ladders
  • mini stuffed felt or fabric bags representing toy sacks
  • candy canes representing the North Pole
  • miniature toy ornaments
  • colored lights

Note: Uncomplicated primary or secondary colors work best


Victorian Lady Christmas Tree ThemeStyle: Old World Elegance

  • frosted or matte fruit ornaments
  • glass Christmas tree ornaments filled with potpourri
  • paper cornucopias filled with small flowers
  • cinnamon sticks tied with ribbons and lace
  • organza bags filled with potpourri or flower petals
  • silk roses
  • lace and ribbon ornaments
  • pearl or pearlescent garland or beads
  • white and/or amber lights to simulate candlelight

Note: Stay away from harsh colors; use shades of pink instead of red, cream instead of white

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree ThemeStyle: Modern Classic

  • various shades of blue with bright white ornaments
  • glittery silver and crystal ornaments
  • snowflake ornaments
  • silver tinsel garland
  • white and/or pale blue lights to simulate moonlight on snow

Note: Flickering lights work well with this theme

Traditional Elegance Christmas Tree ThemeStyle: Rich but Understated

  • burgundy and dark green velvet or satin ornaments
  • gold and/or silver ornaments
  • pearl and/or crystal ornaments
  • gold beaded garland
  • burgundy velvet and/or dark green satin bows
  • mini white lights to brighten the darker colors

Note: Burgundy is preferred to Christmas red; blue ornaments do not suit this theme

Music Recital Christmas Tree ThemeStyle: Whimsical for the Music Lover or Collector

  • any type of musical instrument, preferably realistically styled; any ornaments representing pianos or piano keys
  • sheet music scrolls
  • musical notes
  • homemade parchment ornaments with musical words like sonata, symphony and concerto or composer names like Bach, Beethoven or Mozart
  • mini chair ornaments of any style
  • white or colored lights according to taste

Note: White lights will have a classic look; colored lights are more whimsical

Favorite Color Christmas Tree ThemeStyle: Whimsical or Elegant (Depending on Decorations Chosen) and/or Specific to Home Decor

  • combination of ornaments and garland in a chosen color
  • lights in the chosen color to match

Notes: Adding silver or gold to the combination depends on the chosen color, i.e. gold garland or tinsel works with red and burgundy theme trees, silver garland or tinsel works with blue, green or pink theme trees

Decorating for the Holidays in a Theme Will Refresh the Season

Enjoy exploring other ideas by using these Christmas tree themes as a guideline. Wonderful Christmas displays are easy conversation starters for when guests arrive. Consider the style that works best with the decor of the home and let imagination take it from there.

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