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Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour: Crowds Get on Board for Free Sneak Peek of 3D Movie

Published by Majorie Brieno

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Charles Dickens would be proud. His novel from 1844 serves as an excellent backdrop to one of the most amazing endeavors in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D movies to date. Set to debut in theaters on November 6, 2009, Disney’s A Christmas Carol shows the classic visits of ghosts from Christmas past, present, and future as they have never been shown before.

Disney’s Train Tour Offers Chance to See How “A Christmas Carol” Was Made

Crowds begin to arrive early and long lines quickly form as crews prepare to give guests a glimpse of how A Christmas Carol was made. This tour is free to the public, and no reservations are required. Visitors are directed through train cars with specific instructions regarding photography. Photography is only allowed without flash in some train cars and without restrictions in other areas, but certain parts of the tour are off limits to photography or video of any kind.

The train portion of Disney’s A Christmas Carol tour offers visitors a unique look at:

  • Some of Charles Dickens’s original manuscripts and other related period pieces
  • Beautiful movie costumes on mannequins
  • Portraits of various real-life characters involved in the movie
  • Multiple videos showing movie scenes
  • A vast array of informative videos describing and demonstrating technology behind the animation
  • Models of character faces and buildings from the movie
  • An interactive opportunity for guests to take their picture and “morph” it into a character from the movie – this finished product is then sent to the guest’s email

The video portion of the Disney tour gives guests an approximately 15 minute sneak peek of actual scenes from the movie after the train portion of the tour. Guests are escorted into a large tent-like enclosed building with a special pair of 3D glasses. A large digital screen provides an amazing preview of the movie. Snow seems to fall on the heads of visitors near the front, and the realistic special effects provide a whole new dimension to A Christmas Carol as Jim Carrey gives a unique expression to Ebenezer Scrooge as created by Robert Zemeckis. A bony finger. Chains. A freefall through space. It’s all there and more.


Tips for People Who Plan to Participate in the Tour

  • Plan to spend plenty of time standing. Wait times may exceed 2 ½ hours.
  • Ensure that groups have at least one ticket. Larger groups may wish to split up during the interactive parts of the tour in order to move through that area more quickly.
  • Guests climb steps to enter and exit the train.
  • Review personal camera operation to ensure that flash can be turned off and on as needed if wishing to take pictures.
  • The interactive portion of the tour requires a birthdate – younger children must be accompanied by an adult and the adult’s birthdate can be used.
  • The face shot for morphing will look better if the guest turns her head slightly to the side
  • Guests who may become easily frightened due to loud noises and realistic animation may want to skip the sneak peek of the movie.

Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” Train Tour

Movie buffs, those interested in technology, and people interested in Disney’s depiction of A Christmas Carol can enjoy an amazing look at this Christmas classic turned high tech. Those interested in learning more may wish to visit Disney’s official train tour web site, which lists their schedule and some additional information. Readers may also wish to read Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” online.

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