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DIY Compost Halloween Pumpkins and Candy

Published by Merideth Martindale

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Your carved pumpkins were awesome for Halloween, and now they are starting to look a little sad so is it time for the trash? Rethink throwing out your Halloween pumpkins and candy. You can toss those into your compost pile!

If you have never had a compost pile, the first thing you will want to do is figure out how to keep it. You can use things like Rubbermaid containers, or use some old wood to close it in on the side of your house or next to your garden. Compost is great for your soil and therefore your plants.

With pumpkins you will need to chop them up so the can decompose more easily. Pull out the seeds and you can bake yourself up a treat! The pulp can go right into the compost pile with the rest of the pumpkin.

Now with candy, you will want to pull out any hard candy. Hard candies are great to keep in the car to give to the kids for longer trips, or if you just need a quick sugar fix. For all other candy, make sure to remove all wrappers and any sticks that might have been in them and toss those into your compost pile.

For any other food your children might have received here are some tips. Just about every type of food can decompose and therefore can be added to your compost pile. This includes apple cores, banana peels, ice cream, etc. You will not want to put things in there that do not melt or break down easily like the hard candies. Be sure to always remove any wrappers, toothpicks, sticks, etc. that might be in any of the food you are adding to the compost pile.

When you are ready to plant use your compost pile and fertilizer to till into the ground. This is great for your plants and the soil. What better way to add nutrients into the soil than with natural food that has broken down.

Keep in mind to cover your pile with some leaves or brown paper. It is important to break everything up into small pieces so it can decompose easier. Add new things as often as possible. Then enjoy your plants that are flourishing with your compost!



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