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DIY Halloween Centerpiece

Published by Carlie Gavigan

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Halloween is almost here and its always fun to decorate for the season, especially if you have children. One of the best things to do with your kids is create crafts that you can decorate with. All children love to see their artistic endeavors featured around the house. So why not fashion a couple of centerpieces as a family for everyone to enjoy. Here are two fun to make centerpieces.

1) Vase of Ghosts and Pumpkins

Supplies that you will need.

  1. Glue such as Elmer’s
    2. Pipe cleaners that are black and white. At least twenty four of them.
    3. Sheets of white and orange card stock. At least ten sheets.
    4. Black markers
    5. Orange crepe paper. Buy a package of it.
    6. scissors
    7. pencils
    8. A simple glass vase
    9. Simple scotch tape

Now its time to get started on this exciting project. First lay out all your supplies. Now take your vase and begin wrapping it in the orange crepe paper. Completely hide the glass vase in the orange crepe. Tie black pipe cleaners around the throat of the vase to hold the crepe paper in place. You can also use small pieces of scotch tape to affix the paper in place.

Once the vase is done begin to draw ghosts on the white card stock and pumpkins on the orange card stock. Make each ghost and pumpkin small. About the size of a rosebud. Use a pencil to draw the outline but use the black markers to draw the faces in. Now take your scissors and begin to cut out the ghosts and pumpkins. Make about twenty four of them. Twelve ghosts and twelve pumpkins.

Now take your the pipe cleaners and affix each ghost and pumpkin to a black or white pipe cleaner. Use simple glue to affix the pipe cleaner to the card stock pumpkin or ghost. Once you are done you will have twenty four ghosts and pumpkins that you can artfully arrange in your vase like a bouquet of flowers. This is a very cute project that children tend to love doing.

2) Pumpkin vase with baby pumpkins

Supplies that you will need

  1. One large pumpkin, about the size of a basketball.
    2. Four small pumpkins about the size of soft balls.
    3. A lovely fall mum.
    4. Markers.
    5. A platter. You can purchase a cheap plastic platter at Wal Mart or any other department store that will cost only about $5. These are usually adorned with pumpkins or some other Halloween look.
    6. Pillar candles. Two or three.
    7. Pine cones. Small ones. You can buy a bag at a craft store for only about $6.00. You can even buy cinnamon scented ones.

First cover your table in newspaper and begin to carve the pumpkin. Cut the top open, discard the stem, and hollow it completely out. Once this is done, take your mum and place it into the pumpkin. Now you have a large pumpkin vase. Discard the mess of the inside of the pumpkin. Some people like to keep these and bake the seeds for a fun family treat.

Once your pumpkin vase is complete set it in the middle of the platter. Now take the baby pumpkins and let your children draw faces on them. Have fun with these little pumpkins. Once they are done set them around the large pumpkin vase on the platter. Empty the tiny baby pine cones that you bought around the base of the vase and throughout the tiny baby pumpkins that your children have decorated. Once this is all done set the entire platter on your table. Now take the two or three candles that you bought and place them on either side of the pumpkin vase platter or right in front of it. Make sure they are far enough away from the platter and the mum not to catch anything on fire. Once you are completely done your holiday centerpiece will look tasteful even on the largest dining room table. It will also be fun to discard every thing but the mum at the end of Halloween and then take your mum which will still be blooming and enjoy it for Thanksgiving or utilize it in another Thanksgiving craft project.




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