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DIY Halloween Party Invitations

Published by Londa Yerly

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Five Creative DIY Halloween Party Invitations

Make DIY Halloween invitations for your Halloween party this year. For many children and adults, Halloween parties are the best parties of all. There’s fun, food, and fright – what could be better than that? Best of all, a Halloween party is held in the fall when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Here are five ideas for creative DIY Halloween Party Invitations.

5 Creative DIY Halloween Invitations

Creative Pumpkin or Gourd Invitation

If you live close to the people you want to invite to your Halloween party, consider painting your DIY Halloween Party invitations on a small pumpkins or gourds. If you are very creative these are fun DIY Halloween party invitations to consider. Embellish the Halloween party invitations with bats, witches, moons, and black cats for added drama.

Origami Bat Invitation

Anyone can make an origami bat Halloween party invitations. Click HERE to find out how to make an origami bat. Fold your origami bat, and then write the details for your Halloween party inside the bat’s tummy. A great bat Halloween invitation could include a black bat with writing from a white or silver gel pen.

DIY Lollipop Ghost Invitation

Kids and adults love Lollipops. A great creative DIY Halloween Party Invitation is a Lollipop ghost invitation. To make these Halloween party invitations you need lollipops, white felt, ribbons, construction paper, scissors, glue, ink pen, and a marker. First, cut construction paper circles using the lollipop as a guide. Then, write the party information on the construction paper. Glue this to the back of the lollipop. Then, take white felt and cover the lollipop like a ghost. Tie a ribbon around the bottom of the lollipop and then add eyes using the marker.

DIY Full Moon Cookie Invitations

To make DIY Full Moon Cookie Invitations, you need large cookies wrapped in cellophane or Saran Wrap, construction paper, scissors, glue stick, and gel pens. Cut out construction paper circles in the shape of the cookies. Write the details of the party on the Full Moon. Add craters using a black marker for the full effect of the moon. Glue the full moon circle on to the cookie. You now have full moon cookie DIY Halloween party invitations.

DIY Creative Coffin Invitations

To make DIY Halloween Invitations shaped like coffins, you will need construction paper, gel pens, scissors, and glue depending on how decorative you wish to make your invitations. Take a sheet of construction paper and fold it in half across the short end. Then, take the scissors and cut the construction paper to a coffin shape keeping the folded edge as one of the edges of the coffin. If you want to get creative, you can make mini vampires to put inside the coffin. If not, simply write the information for the Halloween party invitation on the inside of the coffin.

There are many creative DIY Halloween invitations for you to choose from. Hopefully one of these five DIY Halloween Invitations will work for your next Halloween party.





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