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DIY Halloween Sounds You Can Make at Home

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Are you one of those people who love Halloween? Well I am. Costume parties with friends and family, house and yard decorations, and handing out candy to kids are just some of what Halloween has to offer and I enjoy them all. But, no costume party, or decorated house is complete without creepy sounds or music. A wolf howling, chains rattling, or witches screaming, all add to the suspense and spookiness of Halloween. Many stores offer CD’s full of Halloween sounds, but if your like me you would rather do it yourself. Here are some great ideas for making those scary Halloween noises at home.

The first step in making your own Halloween sounds is to figure out what you are going to record them on. An old microphone and tape recorder is the simplest way, but if you want to be a little more Hi-Tech, try using a microphone connected to your computer, along with some sound editing software. May of these can be downloaded for free on the Internet, and most will allow you to save your sounds to CD.

Ok, so once you determine how to record your sounds, it’s time to actually make them. Here is my list of simple spooky sounds you can make that are great for Halloween.

Squeaky door – Ok so this is not one of my favorites, but it is pretty easy. Just find a door in your house that squeaks and record it. For a little extra fun, try experimenting with different sounds by opening and closing the door at different speeds.

Screaming – This is another somewhat cliché but easy to record sound. Just scream into your microphone. My kids enjoy this one because they get to yell and not get in trouble.

Rattling chains – This can be extra scary if you combine it with a squeaky door. Just shake a chain near the microphone. For added suspense, try dragging the chain along the floor.

Howling dogs – This can be extra spooky if you have a dog that has a very low growl or bark. The hard part may be getting your dog to do it on command. If you don’t have a dog, try walking around your neighborhood with your tape recorder. Sooner or later somebody’s dog will start barking at you.

Wind, Rain, and Thunder – The best way I found to make rain sounds is to take uncooked rice, and pour it into a metal container. You may have to experiment with different containers to get the sound you want. Simply hitting pie plates or pans together can make thunder. Again, experiment with different pans until you get the sound you like. Howling wind can be made by just blowing into the microphone

Bones Snapping – A carrot or piece of celery snapped in half sounds just like a bone breaking. Combine this with a scream and it’s instant creepy.

Animal Sounds – A baby’s rattle makes a great “snake” sound, and a pair of gloves being waved up and down sounds like bird wings flapping

Witches brew – boiling water or better yet, boiling stew is the perfect way to duplicate the sound of a Witches caldron. Just be careful not to get burnt, or get the microphone wet.

So there are some of my favorite scary Halloween sounds you can make at home. I hope you have as much fun with them as I have.



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