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DIY Homemade Halloween Kite

Published by Celine Treso

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I remember all of the fun times my sister & I had making these kites for Halloween! Gather the kids and enjoy making a homemade kite to fly just in time for Halloween.

Items You Will Need:

Elmer’s Craft Glue


Rounded Quilter’s Knife


36″ x 24″ Sheet of Halloween wrapping paper or Halloween Print Construction Paper or Use a 36″ x 24″ Sheet of Plain Orange Craft Paper

Halloween Stickers


2-36″ Wooden Dowel Sticks

Ball of Heavy Cotton Twine

Scraps of Halloween print fabric

Fold the paper in half to make it be 36″x 12″ in size. Use the pencil and make a small mark on the opposite edge of the fold 12″ from top. Take the yardstick and make a line from this dot and go to the top of the fold and then draw a line from the dot all the way to the bottom. With the fold facing you, mark a 1″ line right above this line you just drew and repeat for the other line. Do the same for the other side of the craft paper. Cut the paper along the outside lines and then open up the craft paper and lay it down with the printed side facing down and then fold the paper along the lines on the inside.

Next, Cut one of the wooden dowels where it is 24″ long and then place marks that are 12″ down from the top of each wooden dowel and then cut a notch in the tips of each wooden dowel and then the wooden dowels down on a table and make them into the shape of a Cross and tie them together in the middle. Make sure that you make the notch deep so that you will be able to tie the twine into a knot. Then take the twine and start at the knot in the middle of the dowel you just made to tie them together and go up to the notch at the top of the kite and then keep only slight tension on the twine and insert the twine through all of the other tips and make a knot in the twine at the top of the kite.

Lay the construction paper or craft paper with the printed side facing down and then lay the frame of the kite on top of the paper. Be sure that the wooden dowel that is the longest is placed along the fold of the paper and that the string is in the creases. Begin at the bottom quarter of the paper and place craft glue to the outside edges of the creases and then fold the craft paper over the twine and gently press down to adhere the paper. Do the exact same thing to the other side of the kite. Let this dry completely before beginning the next steps. After the glue has dried take the craft paper and place it printed side down on to the table and then tie a piece of twine from one side of the wooden dowel to the other. Make sure the twine has enough tension on it to make the wooden dole resemble a crossbow with an arched look to it. Turn the paper print side up and tie a piece of twine between the two tips. Keep the twine loose and not tight with tension on it.

If you only use a plain sheet of orange craft paper to make your Halloween kite, you can stick Halloween stickers all over the front and back.

Take a ball of twine and tie the end to the top of the kite and unspool the twine all the way down to the string that you just put on the kite and then tie a knot in the center of this string. The spool of twine goes here. Next take a scrap of Halloween printed fabric and tie at the base of the kite to make a tail. If the kite flies and loops all over the place add another scrap of the fabric.




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