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DIY Motion Activated Coffin: Halloween Props You Can Build at Home

Published by Jewell Kalafatis

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Do you wish to scare the pants off your guests this year at your annually Halloween gathering? The perfect solution to your latest issue with the scaring of your guests is right here at your fingertips. Keep reading and you shall see what I have in store for you and your guests. It is a simple creation that will keep your guests talking for months after your Halloween bass. Where do you begin? A wooden coffin is the beginning of your scare tactics. How? It is simple, keep reading. Do you remember in the movies, how the coffin became open the moment someone walked by? Yes of course you do. You don’t need to purchase an expensive coffin, not when you can create this motion activated coffin in your own home. How?

The first step is to purchase a coffin that is if you’re not handy with the handyman tools. Don’t worry. Most wooden coffins can be purchased online or in the Halloween supply stores. www.frightcatalog.com offers the perfect coffin for your project. As of right now it is currently out of stock. But it can be pre-ordered for your party. The cost of the coffin is sixty dollars this does not include the shipping costs.

This coffin is already hinged. This step provides you with time and money. The already hinged coffin you will not need to purchase a hinge for this project. You are one step closer to having a motion activated coffin. The motion detector can be purchased at any local hardware store. This device needs to be attached to the front of the coffin. This step will insure the coffin to open when someone or something passes in front of it. The motion detector device needs to be hidden. An easy craft idea to hide the detector is to add grass, dirt and stones surrounding the coffin. Make it look as if the coffin is in a graveyard being dug up.

The motion detector isn’t the only thing needed for this project. A door opening kit will need to be purchased. The door opening kit will help the coffin lid to rise up when motion passes by. This second device needs to be mounted on the inside of the coffin, to hide the device itself. The door opening kit and the motion detector wires needs to be hooked up to a battery. The battery will operate the devices.

The great advantage to this coffin is it is already decorated with a skull and a black rose. There is no need for designing the actual coffin appearance. For this project, the only decorating purpose needed to be created is to design the surrounding area for this scare. The area surrounding the coffin needs to resemble the theme. What is the theme? It is a coffin in a graveyard. The coffin needs to appear as if it has been dug out of its own grave.

Do you wish to really scare the pants off of your guests? A volunteer needs to be the one to be lying in the coffin. This way when the motion detector detects someone and the lid is opened, the person can pop up. What character should be in the coffin, who else but the count vampire himself.

This will really scare your guests. Why don’t you set up a camcorder to capture the reactions? The reactions of the guests will be a classic Halloween movie marathon. Don’t forget to test out the coffin’s work ability before the big night. Plus always turn off the power when assembly. Have fun scaring the pants off your guests. Happy Halloween.


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