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DIY: Pumpkin Bowl for Halloween Candy

Published by Joanie Cosimini

Halloween Candy – The time for tricks and treats is quickly approaching and you are tired of serving the little goblins at your party from the same cauldron. Time for something different – how about a pumpkin candy bowl.

The materials include: (1) a pumpkin of your choice, (2) serrated knife, (3) large metal spoon or pumpkin scraper, (4) plastic wrap; (5) paper towel tube, and (6) various decorations such as makeup kits from the Halloween store to cut out shapes from construction page as well as beads and other assorted knickknacks, even paint works well.

Cut top from pumpkin and remove seeds and other various stringy stuff (kids like remove the “guts”) and scrape pumpkin flesh to thin out the walls to hole more candy. Cut a hole the diameter of the paper towel roll for the mouth. Cut a hole at the back of the pumpkin for the other end of the tube. You will also have to cut out part of the lid so the tube will fit. Cut one end of the tube at a forty-five degree angle. The tube can be painted either red or black for the mouth.

Line the interior of the pumpkin with plastic wrap to protect the candy. Cutting out a hole in the plastic wrap for the paper towel tube to fit through. If you are able to get red colored plastic wrap, you can leave a bit hanging over the edges for a blood effect.

Decorate the pumpkin to its scariest best. Here the children can go wild with their imaginations, giving the pumpkin scars, eyes and whatever they wish.

Fill the pumpkin with candy. Green candy coated chocolate it always a good effect. To dispense candy, grab a handful of candy “brains” and drop it down the back of the tubing, it will look gross and the kids will love it.

Now, for passing out candy to the little ones that stop by your home. Find a pumpkin that will accommodate a flat plastic bowl. Cut the pumpkin top off and scrape out the seeds and guts. Trim the pumpkin flesh to accommodate the bowl. Now the fun begins: cut out features to give your pumpkin some attitude. Colored plastic wrap can be used to give the features some color. Cut out several small holes around the bottom of the pumpkin. Place a battery operated candle (you can find tea lights that run on batteries at any craft store as well as strobe lights that are built for pumpkins) in the bottom of the pumpkin. If you are able to get dry ice (parents should be very cautious with this product and watch the bowl at all times), place small bits inside the pumpkin and add a small amount of water – viola, fog. Place the bowl and fill with candy. When the little ones come for their treats, they will be greeted by a smoking pumpkin head.

The black plastic Halloween cauldron can take the season off and you can scare, gross out and make children laugh.

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