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Do-It-Yourself Halloween Sound Effects

Published by Shannon Majocka

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Halloween isn’t just for dressing up anymore. Many neighborhoods go all out, and families create their own personal haunted house for trick-or-treaters to walk up to on Halloween night. In order to have the perfect haunted house, you must have spooky, scary, creepy noises to fill the dark night air. You can create your own wickedly fun noises with just a few simple techniques and a recorder.

Creaky doors are perfect for making an eerie sound. Swing the door back and forth slowly as you record the sound. Make sure to play the sound back for yourself so you’re sure you have the effect that you are looking for.

Wicked laughs are another great Halloween sound effect to add to your mix. If you can’t do a wicked laugh, find someone in your house that can, or a friend that’s willing to help you out. Tape them doing longer, slow wicked laughs, and then maybe some that are a bit faster or more energetic. Practice first to get just the right evil laugh for Halloween night.

Screams are a great way to raise the scare factor for Halloween. Find a few different people who are willing to help you on this one. Have the screamers try for their best blood-curdling screams they can make. You might want to make sure your neighbors know you’re just practicing when the scream recording starts!

Ghostly sounds make another spooky addition to your tape. Practice making ghost noises and add some crinkling tissue paper in the background for a creepy effect. Play this one back for yourself so you are sure it doesn’t sound funny instead of creepy!

Heavy footsteps on stairs are a must in any haunted house. Find the biggest person in your household and have them put on their heaviest shoes and stomp around slowly on concrete or hardwood flooring. This will make the perfect scary addition to your do-it-yourself Halloween sound effects.

When you make your own Halloween sound effects, be sure to mix all of these noises up on the tape so they sound authentic. Heavy footsteps and then a scream work well together. Ghostly sounds and evil laughs can be just the right complement when trying to scare someone. Play around with each of the sounds and be creative when mixing the noises up. Using these ideas, you should be able to create one spooky house on Halloween. Happy Haunting!





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