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Dogs Will Howl for This Halloween Dog Party

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Accomodate Both Two and Four-legged Guests

Are you looking for a fun way for you and your dog loving friends to get together this Fall? Host a Halloween party for not only your buddies but their best friends, their pooches!

Décor: Traditional Halloween décor. Be creative and put up what you like! Don’t forget to play Halloween music/sound effects.

Food: Just like people, dogs love to eat!

For those who don’t want to bake, try the Halloween Bushel of Treats and Party Platter from Doctors Foster and Smith

For those who want to add a personal touch, there are tons of dog treat recipes on the internet that you can make right at home. There are Pumpkin Cookies at thepoop.com and Tricky Treats for Dogs at petplace.com.

Don’t forget the Halloween treats for people and encourage guests to use caution when allowing dogs to eat near each other. Feed all dogs separately.


Have a pup’kin carving contest in which participants must try and carve their dog’s picture into the pumpkin. Provide a prize to game winners, such as a Halloween Dog Treat Gift Basket from waggytrailtreats.com or make a donation in the dog and owner’s names to your local animal rescue.

Have a Halloween treasure hunt in which owners take their dogs along the neighborhood or property to seek out Halloween goodies. The treasures can be dog-related, such as brushes, treats, leashes, collars, or gift certificates. Items can be wrapped in Halloween related wrapping or containers.

Encourage all guests to not only show off their own costumes but also those of the dogs. Take pictures of all the canine guests and submit pictures to Halloween costume contests such Howl-o-ween at Petsmart and Petco. Pick your own winner at home as well. The winner can get a bag of dog food.

Create a Halloween-themed dog agility course in the back yard and see who can
get their dogs, while in costume, through the course.

Be sure to alert guests that all dogs who attend and participate in activities must be dog friendly. Dogs should have the temperament to be able to socialize with both small and large dogs. Be sure to tell guests ahead of time about local animal ordinances (such as leash laws) and let everyone know if dogs are expected to be leashed at all times during the party, if they can go free in the house/back yard, etc.

Help out your local animal rescue by collecting donations at the party. Thousands of homeless dogs are waiting for awesome homes where they too can participate in Halloween dog parties! You can also call local shelters and see if any volunteers would like to attend with friendly dogs awaiting their forever homes.



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