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Douglas Family Halloween Humor

Published by Emanuel Lagrimas

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Every year my five children and I host a Halloween party. We enlist our family and friends to help out being monsters, vampires and other props.

At last years party we created a “haunted trail” around the perimeter of our house. I separated the kids by age and took each group of kids on the trail. It started in our “graveyard” complete with tombs, mummy’s, and fresh graves. At the end of the graveyard there was a fresh grave unearthed with a body bag laying on top of the dirt.

When the group of kids where close enough I would say “Everyone stay close so no one gets lost”. That was the cue for my brother in law, who was in the body bag, to scare the children. He would kick, scream and fight with the bag. This, of course, would send the children screaming. When the last group of children were done with their walk we all headed inside. We laughed and picked on the children for being scared.

Then about an hour later my sister was looking for her boyfriend. No one had seen him since the trail. So we all walked outside thinking he was playing a prank on us to scare us. We get halfway through my graveyard and the body bag is screaming and kicking and saying words I can’t use in here. The zipper had broken and he was stuck! My brother in law was fighting mad and begging us to “Please get me out of here!” When he was finally free he screamed at me “Never Again”.We still pick at him and for his birthday I gave him his body bag!



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