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DVD Releases for October 2016: Halloween Horror Movies

Published by Toshia Dubon

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Check out some of the new DVD releases of October 2016 to help get you ready for Halloween. From man-made monsters to aliens and demons, there’s sure to be some horror movies here to help get you in the mood for more Halloween fear:

DVD Releases for October 5, 2016

A Nightmare on Elm Street – This is one of the horror movies here that had a lot to live up to, being a remake of a beloved Wes Craven classic about the man that kills in nightmares. And as fun as it is to see Jackie Earle Haley from ‘The Bad News Bears’ fame all grown up and portraying the scarred, supernatural serial killer, this one just can’t compete with the original. However, it could be fun to watch both horror movies back-to-back as a Halloween double feature, and you might want to check out Rooney Mara’s acting to see if you think she can pull off playing ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ in that upcoming remake.

Splice – Here’s one of the DVD releases for October 2016 that’s a little more original and worth watching for the wacky twists it throws in at the end. It stars Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody as scientists that create a human hybrid. However, their creation doesn’t want to play nice with mommy and daddy when she rapidly grows up. It’s worth watching to see the human-animal hybrid named Dren, and, while it may not be one of the best horror movies you’ll see during the Halloween season, at least it dares to be different.

DVD Releases for October 12, 2016

Carnies – This is one of the DVD releases here that didn’t make it to theaters, but if you enjoy riffing on silly Syfy channel movies, you might like having a laugh at this film about Carnies being terrorized by a seemingly inhuman force in the 1930’s. Sure it’s directed by the same guy who brought us the little-watched ‘Slaughter Party’ (currently rated a 2.6 on IMDB.com by the few who saw it), but fun can be found in even the worst of horror movies by spending Halloween howling with laughter at just how bad so many of them are.

DVD Releases for October 12, 2016

Night of the Demons – Here’s another of the DVD releases of October 2016 that’s bound to be among the worst horror movies you’ll ever see, and another of the horror movies here that’s a remake. However, at least you get to see Shannon Elizabeth struggle to stay alive (and keep her career alive, too). Plus it’s also actually set during Halloween, as a group of pals party it up in an old New Orleans mansion. However, it’s not long before the police and something more sinister let then know that the party’s over. If you’re looking for cheesy, cliché horror movies perfect for Halloween, then I’d highly recommend checking this one out.

Predators – And here’s another of the horror movies amongst the DVD releases here that stars Adrien Brody. Again, not one of the best you’ll ever see, but an interesting addition to the Predator franchise about a group of convicts and killers (as well as one physician) being plopped in the middle of an alien planet to be hunted down as prey. At least it makes a good sci-fi alternative to your usual Halloween fare.

So if you want to enjoy some new horror movies at home, check out a few of the October DVD releases here. But good luck having the time to watch movies at home this Halloween; it’s going to be hard to watch DVDs on the small screen with Halloween movies like these hitting theaters.


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