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Easter Activities for Children: Fun Party Ideas, Games, Crafts and Art for Easter

Have some great family fun this Easter by getting the kids together to throw a bunny tea party, do the bunny hop, play Easter Egg Hide-and-Seek as well as make and eat some edible rabbit art.

Have an Easter Bunny Tea Party

Find all the stuffed rabbit toys in the house, and bring in a few dolls and teddy bears if needed to have and Easter Bunny Tea party. For snacks, have carrot sticks, green salad and boiled eggs or deviled egg sandwiches. For fun and something new, buy some carrot juice or a fruit-vegetable juice that has carrots in it.

Easter Entertainment for the Kids

As part of the party fun read books about rabbits and Easter to the kids. There are all sorts of great books about Easter and rabbits ranging from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit to Richard Scary’s I am a Bunny. Sing some songs about rabbits and Easter such as “Sleeping Bunnies” or “Peter Rabbit” with the kids.

Do some dancing too with kids, such as the Bunny Hop and the Chicken Dance. Parents can buy the books and music, or visit the local library for books and CDs. There are also rabbit and Easter-themed videos for kids if parents are interested.

Easter Egg Coloring and Easter Egg Hunt

Parents can go the traditional route and boil, dye and decorate eggs and then hide them around the house for the kids to find them. Another idea that is easy and fast to do is to draw a bunch of oval egg shapes on paper and then have kids color and decorate them. Then cut the eggs out. Parents can hide the paper eggs for kids or kids can take turns getting to be the ones who hide the eggs. Another option is to hide stuffed bunny toys around the house instead.

Play Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Draw a picture of a rabbit and then get some cotton balls and pull them apart and glue five or six on a circle of paper to be rabbit tails. Make enough tails for all the kids. Then play pin the tail on the bunny as you would for Pin the tail on the Donkey.

Edible Bunny Art

Get some construction paper and marshmallows. Draw an outline, with a non-toxic crayon or felt, of a rabbit for each child. Then give them a bowl or two with mini-marshmallows and kids can lick one side of the marshmallow and then stick it to the bunny outline. Once the kids are finished, the result with be a fluffy marshmallow bunny, although some kids will find it’s hard not to eat and glue at the same time – that is half the fun.

Do Some Easter Baking

If it is a rainy spring day, staying indoors and baking some treats with the kids is a great activity. From Easter-themed sugar cookies to cupcakes there are many easy and delicious goodies to make.

Have some family fun this Easter by having an Easter Bunny tea party, reading some books on rabbits and Easter, playing hide-and-seek with eggs kids colored themselves, playing pin the tail on the bunny, making some edible rabbit art or doing some Easter baking.

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