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Easter Activities for Home Daycare: Preschool Fun for the Easter Holiday

Published by Dewey Fason

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Easter is a celebration of renewal and rebirth. The symbols of Easter, such as colored eggs, chicks and bunnies are especially appealing to young children. Use some or all of these ideas to make Easter a memorable occasion for little ones in home daycare.

Fun Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter Tree – Find a 2 foot long sturdy branch with lots of places to hang things. Stand it upright in a coffee can filled with sand. Have children decorate paper eggs to hang on the tree. (Blown egg shells are normally used for this but tend to be too fragile for small children to work with successfully.)

Some suggestions for Easter Tree decorations:

● Use crayon shavings ironed between two pieces of waxed paper. Sandwich between egg shaped construction paper borders for stained glass effect.

● Cut egg shapes out of tag board and invite children to tear or cut flower pictures out of seed catalogs to paste onto their eggs.

● Use stickers, glitter glue and sequins for sparkly eggs.

● Spread white glue on an egg and invited children to make a spiral shape with variegated yarn. (Start in the middle and spiral out for best results.)

● Remind children to decorate both sides of egg shapes as they will be hanging up.

Easter Egg Candles – These are easy to make in a microwave oven.


● Egg shell halves, clean and dry.

● Half a cardboard egg carton

● Old candle ends


● Wrap candle ends in newspaper and invite children to take turns pounding on them with a wooden mallet until the candles are broken into small chunks.

● Save the wicks and cut them into 3 inch lengths.

● Put egg shells into the egg carton to keep them from tipping over in microwave.

● Help children hold wicks upright in centers of egg shells and pile chunks of wax around it.

● Microwave until wax has melted (usually about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes).

● Let cool completely before removing from microwave. Leave egg shell around wax.

● Use egg cups or decorated rings cut from toilet paper rolls for candle holders.

Preschool Easter Games

The traditional Easter game is, of course, an egg hunt. The following three games are also guaranteed to give children a lot of Easter fun.

Hunt the Chick

This is similar to the traditional “hunt the thimble” game but with an Easter themed twist.

● Get or make a pompom chick.

● Before children arrive, hide the chick in a not too obvious place.

● When all the children have settled in, invite them to hunt for the chick. Give “hot” and “cold” clues.

● The child who spots the chick gets to hide it next.

Poor Ducky Easter Game

Children will “quack” up over this variation on an old favorite.

● One child is the “ducky.” She squats down and grabs her ankles.

● The other children sit in a circle.

● The “ducky” goes to one of the children and “quacks” at him.

● He has to pet her head and say “poor ducky” three times without laughing.

● If the “ducky” can get a child to laugh, that child becomes the new “ducky.”

Easter Bunny Tag

This is played like regular tag except that all the players have to hop like bunnies. The last bunny to be tagged is “it.”

Easter Egg Recipes for Home Daycare

Here are two recipes that help use up all those boiled eggs the Easter Bunny hides every year.

Boiled Egg Bunny Salads


● 1/2 boiled egg, cut lengthwise

● small scoop cottage cheese

● two small slices of carrot

● two raisins

● lettuce leaf


● Put lettuce leaf on small plate

● Lay egg half, cut side down on leaf

● Put cottage cheese scoop at wide end for tail

● Arrange carrot slices and raisins at other end for ears and eyes

Open Faced Egg Flower Sandwiches


● 4 boiled eggs, peeled and chopped fine

● 2 Tablespoons mayonnaise

● 1 teaspoon dill weed

● Green olive slices with pimento filling

● Bread slices


● Mix chopped eggs mayonnaise and dill

● Shape bread slices into flower shapes with knife or cookie cutter

● Spread egg mixture on bread flowers

● Put one olive slice on each flower for center

● makes 8 to 10 sandwiches (depending on size)

Easter Holiday Ideas for Home Daycare Fun

The family child care setting is perfect for stretching out holiday celebrations. This Easter, decorate an Easter tree in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Have a party with Easter games right before the Easter weekend, and send home egg shell candles for the daycare families to light on Easter morning. Once Easter is over, use the leftover eggs to whip up some bunny salads and flower sandwiches. .

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