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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Girls of All Ages: Kids From Toddlers to Tweens Love Personalized Baskets

When planning an Easter basket for a special girl, it’s important to consider her hobbies and interests as well as her age. All Easter baskets should have candy-filled eggs and a chocolate rabbit, but the sky’s the limit beyond those items. Here are some ideas to consider when filling a basket for a girl, whether she’s a toddler or a tween.

Easter Baskets for Toddler and Preschool Girls

Little girls are often enchanted with all things princess, so tiaras, magic wands, velvet slippers and silky pink gowns are perfect to put into the Easter basket of a child this age. Dollhouse figures and furniture offer endless hours of play. Coloring books and paper doll kits about favorite subjects are also well received by toddler girls.

Some other Easter basket ideas for girls aged 2 to 5 include:

  • Costume jewelry
  • Ballet shoes
  • Play-dough and accessories
  • Finger paints and glitter pens
  • CDs with kid-friendly music (eg: The Wiggles)
  • DVDs of Cinderella or Snow White
  • Bath bubbles and other bathing toys
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Soft pocketbooks
  • Ladybug kits

Easter Gifts for Elementary School Girls

Girls aged 6 to 8 are often into pretend play figures like Barbie or Bratz doll as well as creative online creatures like Webkinz and Beanie Babies 2.0. A poster of a favorite singer or actress like Hannah Montana is fun to tuck into an Easter basket. If the girl is into outdoor activities, think of loading her basket with jump ropes, paddleball sets, flat balls and moon shoes. Girls who’ve been bitten by the drama bug will enjoy a play microphone, stage makeup or a ticket to a local theatre event.

Other items to consider putting into the basket of a kid this age include:

  • Beeswax crayons
  • Science kits
  • Shrinky Dinks
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Manicure and pedicure kit
  • Small clay pots and flower seeds
  • Lip balm
  • Peeps
  • Ant farms

Easter Treats for Tween Girls

Girls who are 9 to 12 years old often have a foot in two worlds, but they are always excited about an Easter basket if it contains some favorite things. Pampering products like cool soaps and bath oils, lotions, perfume and lip gloss are always a hit with tween girls.

Hair accessories like clips, scrunchies and headbands can be tucked inside, and cool scarves can be tied creatively around the basket handle. Don’t forget to add novelty items like magnets, notepads, wallets, belts and small frames.

Other things that any tween girl would love to find in her Easter basket:

  • Flip flops
  • Spring t-shirt
  • A game for their Ninetendo or Wii
  • Beaded change purse
  • iTunes gift card
  • Movie tickets
  • Sunglasses
  • Brushes
  • A book of Mad Libs

People who put real thought into the hobbies and interests of the girl in their life can rest assured that she will be delighted with the gifts chosen for her basket. Just don’t forget the chocolate bunny!

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