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Easter Basket Ideas: Easter Gifts for Men, Women and Children

Easter baskets are thoughtful gifts for families and friends. Small baskets would make great party favors for Easter guests.

Easter Baskets for Men

Easter coincides with spring, when many men’s thoughts turn to outdoor activities. Instead of jelly beans and chocolate rabbit, many men would appreciate an Easter basket filled with golf balls and tees or fishing lures and flies. Inserting these gifts in plastic eggs will make the basket look more like Easter. Additions such as small packets of sun screen or lip balm, along with some favorite snacks, will be a welcome surprise.

Other ideas for Easter baskets for men include tickets to a baseball game, summer socks and a new tie, or coupons for a free car wash, a favorite dessert, a back rub or similar treat, all tucked into Easter eggs.

Easter Baskets for Women

Women appreciate pampering, so a basket for her might include her favorite perfume or bath gel and body lotion in a scent she likes. Candy colored nail polish and manicure accessories, colorful scented candles, and a favorite paperback novel would add up to a welcome pampering package. Most women won’t say no to chocolate, but instead of dollar store chocolate rabbits, some gourmet truffles would surely please a woman’s sweet tooth.

Other ideas for Easter baskets for women include a selection of favorite teas or gourmet coffees, new gardening gloves and tools and flower or vegetable seeds, or coupons for a free massage, free babysitting, or dinner out.

Easter Baskets for Teens

While many teens might declare they’re too old for Easter baskets, most won’t say no to a basket full of their favorite treats. These can include movies and video games, music or books. New socks or a T-shirt may bring a smile to many, along with favorite treats, from candy and gum to energy drinks.

Other ideas for Easter baskets for teens include gift cards for gas, music downloads or shopping at a favorite store, movie tickets, and coupons for one night’s later curfew, skipping a least favorite chore one-time, or a looked-forward to privilege.

Easter Baskets for Children

While children don’t want to be cheated out of candy, savvy parents can go beyond colored eggs and junk food to include small treasures children will value more than marshmallow chicks or jelly beans. Miniature cars and dolls, card games, comic books and soap bubbles, crayons and coloring books, a pair of cool shoe string or new hair barrettes are colorful and fun additions to children’s Easter baskets.

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