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Easter Baskets for Christian Men: Gifts Don’t Have to be All Chocolate and Jelly Beans

Every year, Easter seems to be only about the kids and the fun they have. Sometimes people treat their dogs with more thoughtful gestures than they do their loved ones. For this reason, it should be paramount that people consider older loved ones as well. And in the spirit of Easter, Christian men are a great group to focus on.

For those who love reading, Christianity, and history all rolled into one, a book on the history of Easter, which dates back to the Pagan celebration of Eastre, would be a great gift. But for those who do not prefer this kind of entertainment there are still a great number of books that will prove most helpful to those who receive them.

Wild at Heart: the Ultimate Man Book

John Eldredge’s best-selling book from 2001 Wild at Heart (Thomas Nelson) is the perfect addition to any man’s Easter basket. In it, Eldredge offers to men that there are three basic things in their lives that give them purpose:

  1. A battle to fight
  2. An adventure to live
  3. A beauty to rescue

And while men will recognize that those things are necessary to give them purpose in their lives, they must contend with what society prefers them to be, which is often a contrasting figure to most men’s heroes, and who they, too, would like to be, because men truly are wild at heart.

Every Man’s Battle: the Quest for Sexual Purity

If women knew what men were thinking, some would never consider being with one. At least, that was the take of the women who helped contribute to Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker’s Every Man’s Battle (WaterBrook Press), a no-holds-barred discussion featuring personal confessions from a few men who have fallen from grace due to sexual deviance, and many who live in hiding because of it.

One of the authors admits to having crashed his brand new BMW when he was first married as a result of craning his neck to see a jogger for just another moment or two. Another story is about a youth pastor who had become so desensitized a result of over stimulation from adult magazines that he couldn’t become aroused enough to be with his wife unless he read them first.

Sexual impurity is very real, and many Christian men would agree. This book can give many men insight into why they think and behave the way they do and how they can conquer it.

Another great gift for men is a personal Bible. Having a Bible that is just for him can allow a man to feel a certain connectedness with the Word. While it may sound silly, it’s no more silly than reading Wild at Heart to remember that we truly are wild at heart.

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